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Do our memories ever fade?


Sometimes they do….

Photo Restoration can bring them back to life


How many photographs do we have? Hundreds or maybe thousands? The photos we took many years ago are now stored away, in the wardrobe, in the loft even maybe in lots of photo albums.  Most of these old prints may look pale, faded, washed out, creased, damaged and stuck to each other. Very different to how you remembered them many years ago. With Photo Restoration you can have your precious images bought back to life, allowing you to enjoy them once again.

Take a fading photo memory of a family member

Afaded photograph of a lady

and with restoration to bring it back to life

A restored photo of a lady
We can take all of your old prints whether they are in colour or black and white and bring them back to life. Repairing, enhancing, upgrading and restoring the images, will allow them to enjoyed once more.
Photo restoration is a unique art form that can take a great deal of time to learn and master. Of course there are some very simple programs available to buy that allow you to make basic adjustments to faded images. Some images can be so badly damaged that it can take a long time and require very powerful imaging software to restore and achieve the results required to allow a photograph to be digitised and re-printed.

Imagine all those old treasured slides and Negatives

Photographic Slide

digitally repaired, restored, enhanced and re-printed

At Final Cut Video Editing and Photos we believe that images should be preserved by capturing, enhancing and digitising them so they can enjoyed and shared for generations to come.