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A vinyl stylus to play a record

Vinyl Stylus








Vinyl – A short history

Vinyl, or sound on disc has existed for over one hundred years, although it was still in the experimental stage between 1902 and 1910 until the invention actually worked. It was then used industrially, until introduced and adopted by the Hollywood Studio Warner Brothers as the ‘Vitaphone’ in 1926 for the first talkie movies to sync with the moving images. The UK then followed with a short lived system called the ‘Phototone’ in 1929 which used 12 inch discs although it didn’t really catch on. Eventually though throughout the 1930s and 1940s the distributing of audio recordings onto a vinyl disc or record became mainstream. At first the system of playing these records at 78rpm was the norm. As time went by though, 33.3rpm and 45rpm became the speed everyone played their music at. Vinyl records was the preferred way to listen to music until CD’s first hit the market in the mid 1980’s.

Transfer your Vinyl…

Once again. I was asked by a prospective client who telephoned Final Cut Video Editing and Photos if we could transfer Vinyl records to CD. Of course the answer came back ‘That is not something I am currently doing’ Which the begged the question.’Hey why not’. When I originally set up Final Cut almost nine months ago now, my intention was to do Video Editing only. As I researched it more though I decided that there was a big market out there for transfers of Videotape to DVD along with Cine and the Photo Restoration. New suggestions come along almost all the time though and I began to think that I should diversify a little from formats that could no longer be viewed, to formats that could no longer be heard. Let start with Vinyl.

Sourcing the Equipment

Vinyl is still available and making a comeback, so sourcing the equipment would be relatively easy. Final Cut Video Editing and Photos is a Bespoke service, so I decided to look for a really good quality Turntable. TEAC has produced exceptional quality audio equipment for years, so I went for one of their models. eBay was sourced once more for the correct cables and ‘Hey Presto’ I was all set.

As of 1st April 2016 Final Cut Video Editing and Photos will offer to its clients a Vinyl to CD/MP3 Transfer service.