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16mm Cine Film Transfer now available.

                            16mm Cine Film Transfer is now available to the clients of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos. Along with all of the 8mm movie formats. 16mm Cine Film equipment sourced!...

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16mm Cine Film Transfer coming soon

                  There were many Cine Film formats. Standard 8 (Regular 8), Super 8 (Single 8) 9.5mm and 16mm. In the 1970's and early 80's, Super 8 was the most popular. It was used by the majority of home film makers as...

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Card Payments coming in early 2016

Card Payment Machine This is the 21st Century, the digital age where everything is electronic. We now use our fingers, instead of a pen or pencil!! How often now do we dig our hands into pockets when we pay for a purchase? A few times maybe when we visit a newsagent...

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Cine to DVD Transfer available now

                          As mentioned in my previous post in September, I was visited by a client who asked me if I offered a Cine to DVD transfer service. 'No not at the moment' came the reply. 'That...

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Cine Film to DVD Transfer Coming Soon

Can you do Cine Film to DVD transfer?         When I first set up my business, I didn't believe that Cine Film was really something I had considered including in the list of services that I wanted to offer to my clients. I had not considered that...

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