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A Drawing of a Christmas Tree

Memories of our Christmas Trees in the late 1970’s

As I mentioned in my previous post, my journey to making people happier began at five years old when I first caught a glimpse of a Cine Projector at the School Christmas Party in 1976. I knew then I wanted one and from then on, anytime my Mom or Dad asked what I wanted for Christmas, (I knew I wouldn’t get it for my birthday) I would say a projector, but I ended up having to wait another ‘four’ years…!!

Yes, another four years I had to wait until I got what I was wishing for. Christmas 1977, well I can’t really remember what I had in my pillowcase, but it certainly wasn’t a Projector. Actually I am not sure if I asked for one, perhaps something else came along that I might have requested from Father Christmas. I do know that in 1978 (this was the year my favourite film ‘ Superman the Movie’ was released) I had a wind-up Evel Keneval toy, which I was so excited to use that I almost choked to death on my Cornflakes. Christmas 1979 was the year I had a Table Football and Keyboard, then it was a new decade……


It must have been in October 1980 that I was asked by my Mom and Dad ‘What do you want for Christmas’. I knew what I wanted and said ‘ I want a projector’ and the response was…..’You can’t have one its too much money’ and you will need some films to project, which will cost more. I knew I was going to be disappointed again! And then the festive season arrived…..I woke upon Christmas Day with some presents next to my bed in a pillowcase and a big box, which I could hardly lift.

Was this to be the beginning of my journey?

I knew this box was last thing I was going to open and after Abba’s ‘Super Trouper’ 7″ single had been opened and Themes for Superhero’s LP had gone by, it came down to this wrapped up box…and….



To be Continued……