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Man using payment terminal keypad enter personal identyfication number

Card Payment Machine

This is the 21st Century, the digital age where everything is electronic. We now use our fingers, instead of a pen or pencil!! How often now do we dig our hands into pockets when we pay for a purchase? A few times maybe when we visit a newsagent or local shop, but not usually for larger purchases. We now do the majority of our transactions online or using a card payments machine.

Card Payments….!

Let me just find my Credit Card stated a client who telephoned to make a payment a couple of weeks ago. I’m sorry I replied, that is something I can’t currently accept. Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer are the only options available to you.

How do I pay? Have you got a facility to accept card payments? Of course I had to provide the same response. Card Payments are not currently available.

Old and New!

Final Cut Video Editing and Photos works with old formats like Videotapes, Cine Films, Slides, Negatives and has always accepted older methods of payment, like Cash, Cheques and even Postal Orders. We do have to move with the times though and although we work with old material, when a client calls to make a payment, they should be able to pay using new 21st Century methods. A Card Payment!!

We will of course still be able to accept good old hard fashioned Cash and Cheques and BACS payments always accepted! When someone telephones Final Cut Video Editing and Photos early next year (2016) they will be able to make a card payment too.

We are well into the 21st Century, we need to make things easier and better. This is Sir Richard Branson’s great mantra. Final Cut Video Editing and Photos offers Bespoke services to its clients.

We will make things easier and better by allowing you to make card payments….