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Journey to Making People Happier – Part 3

                          My continuing journey It was Christmas Day 1980 and a big wrapped box was on the floor of my bed. I had opened all of my other presents and now it came down to the last one. The...

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£250 better off….

                £250 for all British clips. I think it was the middle of 1990 when I sat down in front of an old colour TV to watch something or other when an advert appeared on the television asking for extremely funny home...

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Vinyl to CD/MP3 Transfer available now

              Vinyl - A short history Vinyl, or sound on disc has existed for over one hundred years, although it was still in the experimental stage between 1902 and 1910 until the invention actually worked. It was then used...

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Journey to Making People Happier – Part 2

  As I mentioned in my previous post, my journey to making people happier began at five years old when I first caught a glimpse of a Cine Projector at the School Christmas Party in 1976. I knew then I wanted one and from then on, anytime my Mom or Dad asked what...

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Journey to Making People Happier Part 1

The journey to making people happier began many years ago when a very young five year old lad, which is me, attended his first Christmas party at School. The start of my journey was in the year of 1976 and it had been a long hot summer. I had started Cheslyn Hay First...

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