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13th March 2020 – Well two and half months into this new decade and we haven’t stopped. We continue to transfer VHS, camcorder tapes, cine films, audio tapes and digitise old photographs. It’s the latter that we thought we would talk about for this weeks news. 

Recently we were contacted by a new customer who had a small collection of victorian photographs of which were around 140 years old. One of which was a picture of his ancestor. This image was in teriible condition and obviously over the years had been subjected to sunlight, dust, dirt and one of the worst things that can cause a photo to become damaged and that was cigarette smoke. We were tasked to restore it or at least do something to preserve it, which was no easy task. This is the original scan. 

Damaged photo

Through very careful work and quite a lot of time we were able to bring it back to life as best we could. Because of the severe damage though it was not possible to restore it back to how it originally looked. This is the restored image.

Restored Photo

If you do have precious photographs of long past relatives, Move them out of the sun, away from dust and dirt and most importantly do not expose them to cigarette smoke. That is sure way to damage them. You can of course have them restored with us! Why not do this before they get any worse! Precious memories are part of you. Don’t let those memories fade away.

Until next time!

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21st February 2020 – Our company owner Tim Rowlands has a daughter who turns 13 next week and this got us thinking about the amount of memories of family events we have transferred in the last four and half years since we launched our business.

A family event like an important birthday is often recorded whether that be on a mobile phone or maybe something a bit bigger like a dedicated digital camera or camcorder. After recording we can quickly see the images on a computer or TV screen. Just transfer it over using the WiFi and bang there you are. 50 years ago that was never possible! We usually had to send away our camera film for processing or pop the cine film cartridge into the post and wait for it to come back. Sometimes it would take weeks!

Many family events such as a birthdays that were recorded and captured in the last century still exist but probably have been forgotten. Wouldn’t it be lovely though if we could view them again! If only projectors still existed, if only slide viewers were still available, if only videotapes hadn’t been replaced by DVD and if only our photographs hadn’t faded.

This is were Final Cut Video Editing and Photos comes in. We can bring back virtually every memory which is stored on old formats. Maybe you have relatives or friends that are no longer with us or maybe your daughter moved away to Australia and you haven’t seen her for over 20 years. Yes of course you can call and chat over Skype or something else. Maybe though you just want to see how they were all those years ago. Memories can bring back all sorts of happy emotions. We can make this happen.

So ‘Happy 13th Birthday’ to our company owners daughter and hopefully the memories will remain of such a special day.


Happy Birthday image

Until next time!

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 13th February 2020 – During the last couple of weeks we have talked about the process we go through to transfer your Videotapes and Cine Films to DVD and USB.  This week the trilogy comes to end as this weeks news we talk about our photos side of the business.

What sort of process do you go through to digitise 35mm slides, negatives and photographs we here you ask! We we will tell then.

All of your photos are digitised using an Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner which is a top of the range peice of equipment which allows very high resolution scanning of images. That is precisely what we do. We scan them at a very high resolution to obtain the best results possible. Obviously if they have been stored away for some time it is possible they will have become dirty, so we use Digital ICE technology to remove the dirt and this is highly effective.

After we have captured some 35mm slides for example using our Epson scanner and technology, we then import them into Abobe Lightroom software to iron out any more picture problems and to also give the images a further clean. They are also touched up a little to remove blemishes and maybe the odd crease or too. It is only then after this process that they are transferred to CD or USB stick. This goes for all of our photographic digitising. We use the same process.




A 35mm slide from the 1960s can hold some wonderful memories of really anything, after our careful work we can bring to life what was a flat image only viewable through a viewfinder or projector to something quite astounding. See the example below!


35mm slide image

Why not have a look and see if you have any photographs, slides or negatives for that matter. We can bring them back to life for you. Make a wonderful gift for a loved one. Until next time!

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5th February 2020 – Following on from lasts weeks news where we talked about how we preserved your VHS and Camcorder Tapes to DVD and USB. This week we have decided to talk a little about the process for Cine Film. Although we have decided to keep a few secrets on this is achieved. If any prespective client does want to know though we will of course fill you in.

We capture all of our Standard 8 and Super 8 projects using an Elmo K-100 SM to project the images. This really is an excllent projector to use as it has a very bright lamp which allows us to really pick out the detail frame by frame as it is captured. It also has a speed limiter which is very important as Cine Film runs at 18fs per second while out capture equipment is much quicker at around 24ps. This can create a flickering effect but on using the speed limiter we can mirror the speeds exactly so we obtain a flicker free image. We have seen so many bad transfers were the image flickers so much due to the fact the capture speed is not correct.

After capture we follow the same process as for videotapes using Final Cut Pro X editing software to tidy everything up and slowing the frame speed back down to 18fs. Only then after rendering do we export and burn to DVD or transfer the files to USB.

Did you also know that we capture cine film at 4:3 not 16:9. Widescreen didn’t exist for home based cine film so it always captured in the format it is supposed too.

Plase visit out Cine to DVD page by clicking into the box where you can see a really good example of our cine work.

Cine film has been around for over 100 years and 8mm since the 1940s. We can bring these films back to life.

Cine Films

Until next time!

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29th January 2020 – For this weeks news we thought it was important to talk about how we preserve your VHS and Camcorder Memories onto DVD and USB.

A very cheap way to transfer videotape is to just capture it and then burn it to DVD which wouldn’t really take that long and then give you a disc to just put in a drawer after viewing it once and forgetting about it. You can have memories preserved that way but it wouldn’t be very good at all and you would end up with an inferior product.

Some of our clients do ask about the process we go through to transfer your Videotapes. We use top quality products and software to really bring out the best we can on standard definition videotape. It can never be HD quality as magnetic tape can’t carry a high definition source. With careful work though transferred videotape can look really good.

We capture your Videotapes using Elgato products which are the best on the market to be used with our three Panasonic 4-head Video recorders. After this process of capture they are imported and improved using Final Cut Pro X which is an industry leading editing software which is exclusive to Apple products. We use a very powerful iMac to the render the footage and improve the sound as Videotape can be low. Remember it was designed to be played on the old Cathode Ray Tube TV’s. Not on the modern Widescreen sets.

Only after this process is complete do we export it and then burn it to DVD using Roxio Toast Titanium software is also one of the best. We then create a special presentation case tailored to you. A wonderful preserved memory as it should be done. Yes we do charge a little more than other companies but we give you a far better finished product.

We are not the cheapest. We are just the BEST!!Final Cut Pro X

Until next time!

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24th January 2020 – A little late with our news for this week but here we go. This week we touch on the photographic side of our business and more specifically photo montages.

If you do have a collection of photographs or images from a special event like a Wedding, Birthday, Christmas or a maybe a holiday and that’s all they are a bunch of photographs at the moment, then we can do something special for you with them.

We can create a photo montage all set to a favourite song of piece or music to really bring them alive. We can also add transitions, titles and effects and maybe even video to create something really stunning. We have lots of examples of our work. Please get in touch and we can send these through to you. Photographs don’t have to be just that. They can be more more.


Why not have your photographs bought to life!…. Until next time.

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15th January 2020 – We often get asked by potential new customers if we can transfer camcorder tapes to DVD and USB.

The answer is ‘of course we can’ Final Cut can work with the majority of all of the old tape formats that were released for the consumer to use.

How many camcorder formats are there though we hear you ask! Well actually there are quite a lot of them and especially now that the digital format has entered the market (digital has been around since 1997). Everything from DVCPRO HD and HDV which was released by Sony, JVC and Canon in 2003. We don’t usually work with these formats as they are tapeless and use memory cards to record onto. As a business that brings old things back to life we work with the older ‘tape’ type of camcorder.

We can transfer any camcorder tape that is supplied to us on 8mm, Digital 8 and Hi8. Moving onto the VHS camcorder formats, we work with VHS-C, SVHS-C or SuperVHS-C to give it’s official title. DVD-RAM and of course the much later format Mini DV which was digital. This format was not cheap when first released and some camcorders would set you back almost £3000. It was very high quality and the beginning of the digital age.

Most people did record their memories using camcorders. After filming and some repeated viewing they were stored away in cupboards and lofts. We know about the wonderful memories they hold and we can bring them back to life for you.



Why not go and dig out your camcorder tapes and have them transferred with Final Cut Video Editing and Photos. They will degrade eventually being magnetic tape… Until next time.

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8th January 2020 – Happy New Year to everyone.

I know we have talked about this before in one of our previous weekly news articles but upon recieving a collection of videotapes from a previous customer in Preston Lancashire (UK) which were in quite poor condition, we thought it would be a good idea to talk again on the best way to store VHS Video and Camcorder tapes.

If videotape or any magnetic tape for that matter gets damp then it is very likely to develop mould and in some cases quite badly. If this happens then it is quite possible that the memories stored on them could be destroyed. Mould can stick to the tape and severely damage it. This is what happened to this VHS tape as we see below!

Dirty Videotape

The best way to avoid this is to have them transferred to new media like DVD or USB before it happens. The memories could be lost forever if you don’t take action quickly. If you are going to keep your videotapes though then the best place to store them is vertically in an airtight container like a plastic box and in a cool place (not damp) like a loft or the back of a wardrobe. Also do protect them from sunlight and other magnetic sources as these can also have damaging effects!!

Your memories are part of you. Don’t let them disapear forever. Until next time.

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31st December 2019 – Yes we know there hasn’t been any new news articles since 19th November and the reason for that was that during the final six weeks of 2019 we have been exceptionally busy and we have had to spend all our time working on client projects to get them ready for Christmas. It really has been a rush to the finish line but an enjoyable one.

2019 has been a wonderful year for Final Cut Video Editing and Photos. We have had more enquiries than ever before, new clients than ever before and we have preserved more memories than ever before.  The projects we have worked on have been small in number, from a one slide reprint to bringing back to life over 70 Videotapes, a complete family history over 30 years. Our cine work also included us working on the earliest film we have ever had which was from the 1940s!!

As a business we achieved a really big milestone too which was gaining over 100 reviews on our Yell.com advert and as to date this currently stands at 107 testimonials. These reviews work so well for us as it demostrates to new clients what our former customers think of us. We have four and five star reviews with over 100 being five star.

Our Yell.com advert

Most of our new customers do come to us through because of word of mouth and the quality of customer service that we offer. We always put you first because without YOU we would have no Final Cut Video Editing and Photos. When people do find out what we do they come to us rather than the high street retailer which does the same. This retailer have tended to lose and damage customers memories as one client told us. Beware we are kicking at your heels and maybe in the future you will no longer have the market dominance!

As we approach the last few hours of 2019 we would like to say a big thank-you to all of our customers and we believe that 2020 will be a big year (We will be 5 years old in August) for us with thousands of more memories preserved.

Happy New Year to you all. Health and happiness as well.


See you in 2020

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19th November 2019 – As we move into the last 6 weeks of 2019 we thought it was a good idea to take a little break before the festive rush really hits us, so this weeks news will be a little shorter than usual.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been a client of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos during 2019. We have grown so much, preserved so many more memories and we just want to say a big thank-you. Without you guys we would have no business and wouldn’t be able to make people that bit happier which is a cornerstone of our business. 

Video to DVD/USB, Cine to DVD/USB, Slides to CD/USB Video Editing and Photo Restoration. We do them all! We work with really any old format. Thousands of memories bought back to life this year. Have a great end to it! Once again. Thank-you!!

Thank-you image

Have a great week and until next time.

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12th November 2019 – As we are exceptionally busy approaching the festive period preserving memories for our clients. We thought for this weeks news we would talk about just that ‘Preserving Memories’

Unless we are concentrating when someone says something to us or it is repeated we would usually lose that information within about 18 seconds. Blimey!! That’s not very long is it. When we do listen instead of just hearing and that voice or image is something of interest which maybe makes us laugh, cry, become angry or it’s something that stimulates our senses, we can retain that information forever. It’s embeded into our long term memory and we will never forget it. It stays with us forever. Sometimes it can only take a certain situation and there it is. It springs back into our minds!

Your memories are part of you and they don’t ever want to be lost. These can be memories of the family and people who are no longer with us. Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Events and so on. Yes we store our long term memories forever. Some can be lost though! If we ever filmed these events on Camcorders then there is a chance that they could soon be be gone. Videotape is just that ‘Magnetic Tape’ which degrades. After about 20 years then this will start to happen! After 30 years then its possible they might have gone altogether. LOST forever!!

At Final Cut Video Editing and Photos we can bring these memories back to life before its to late by transferring them to new digital media, which does not degrade. As we have said Videotape does have a shelf life and it is best to take action before it’s too late.

VHS Videotape

Have a great week and until next time.

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5th November 2019 – Today we achieved a really big milestone within our business. As we have mentioned before as well as our website we have a number of other ways to advertise what we do including Facebook, Twiiter, Linkedin and Yell.com

Yell.com is one of the biggest business directories in the UK and today we had another review from a previous customer posted within our advert. Reviews really do help us. They show to other potential customers about the service someone has had and what we have provided to them as a business. Good or bad.

Today we had our 100th review, which really is a brilliant achievement for us and all of our reviews are either 4 or 5 star with ninety-five of them being the latter. There are currently 180 businesses listed on Yell.com who do what we do. No other company listed has this many reviews. We can safely say that we are the best transfer business in the UK based on our reviews, the customer service we offer and our quality transfers.

We really do go the extra mile to give you the very best. Don’t go the competition. Choose Final Cut Video Editing and Photos.

Final Cut Yell.com advert

Have a great week and until next time.

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 29th October 2019 – Video to DVD/USB, Cine to DVD/USB, 35mm slides to CD/USB and Photo Restoration. These are the really big four services we offer to you the customer. We are an editing business though and sometimes we do get called on to create something for a very special occasion and what I am going to talk about in this case and for this weeks news was for a 30th Wedding Anniversary.

 About 12 days ago we were contacted by the UK head of a multinational company who wanted something very special for his wife and their anniversary that they were celebrating in just 9 days time. Our brief was that he wanted some clips of his original Wedding video which was on VHS, footage of his children on another tape and some photographs from the wedding album with other images, editied together and all set to music, with titles and transitions. He needed this very quickly. Usually we would like to spend quite long time on something like this!

 We needed all the material quickly, so he sent his PA all the way down the M6 from Preston, Lancashire to come and see us with the tapes and photographs. After working well into the evenings and days turning into nights, we managed to accomplish this momumental task in a very short space of time.

 Yes we do Video, Cine and Photographs to DVD, USB, CD, but we can create something extra special for Anniversary’s, Birthdays and for really any occasion. It really is whatever YOU as a customer wants us to create for you. Please though leave enough time for us to do our work. Get your projects in early. We don’t want you to be disapointed.


Man and Women celebrating thiier 30th Wedding Anniversary

Have a great week and until next time.

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22nd October 2019 – We do talk quite a lot about what we have been doing as a business during the past week in our news articles so we thought this time we would write a few words about something in the future but not that long away really…Christmas!!

Yes that time of the year is coming around and in just over two months it will be here.

Some people leave their shopping until the last minute then it’s just rush, rush and rush. Maybe you should start thinking and acting earlier to avoid the stress. Wouldn’t it be great to have everything sorted a few weeks before the big day! Not the food maybe but the presents.

Doing what we do as a business does take time and as we have mentioned before it can take most of the day to transfer a three hour videotape and do it correctly. If anyone does want a preserved memory to give as a present, then we ask that you come to us early especially if you have a large number of tapes or cine films to be converted. We can’t accept an order of 20 tapes on the 15th December and have them ready for you by Christmas Eve. We don’t want to have to turn anyone away!

Please do get your Christmas orders in very early. Yes three new clients have already placed an order. Don’t leave it until the last minute!!

Lady holding christmas presents

Have a great week and until next time.

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15th October 2019 – As we approach the last few months of 2019 and the end of another decade we thought for this weeks news that it would be an idea to talk about another ending and that’s the home entertainment format which we all know and love ‘DVD’.

When VHS was launched in 1975 by JVC and overtaking Betamax in the early 1980’s it became so popular that we all thought it would be around for a very long time. It actually lasted for about 30 years until it was phased out in 2007 in favour of DVD which was of better quality and could hold much more information. Although compressed information! 

DVD was launched in 1997 and when videotape disapeared it had been around for 10 years. If we take VHS for example and how long it lasted we could see DVD only being around for the next 7 years. Blimey! That’s a bit scary! What about all of our DVD memories and Hollywood movies that we have!

We do have to move with the times though and more and more of our clients are chooing to have their memories preserved onto a USB stick rather than DVD. Our feeling is that digital storage and streaming like a memory stick is the future. DVD is of course digital but can only hold about three hours of video, while a 256gb USB will hold about 5000 hours (compressed) video footage. This is enormous!

USB has the advantage that you can plug it into your computer and upload to a server like the cloud, keeping your memories preserved and you can also plug it into your smart TV and watch your videos straight away. All 5000 hours on one stick (If you have that many).

We can preserve your memories onto DVD and USB. You are the customer and it’s what you want. We feel though that to future proof things. USB is the way to go!

USB Stick

Until next time and once again, if you want something like a memory to give for Christmas. Please order early!

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8th October 2019 – Time once again for our news and we thought this week we would talk about the prices we charge to a customer at Final Cut Video Editing and Photos.

Up until very recently our prices had remained the same for quite a number of years and we thought it was time to make some changes and in doing so also to revamp our pricing and packages page on the website. One of the most important pricing changes is the digitisation of photographs, slides and negatives.

We have always in the past offered two different pricing structures for photograph digitisation. One without enhancements and one with. At Final Cut we have always believed that we should give you the very best when it comes to your final product so we have to decided to abandon our pricing when it comes to just a simple photo transfer.

All Photographs, Slides and Negatives in the future will have dirt and spot removal work with ehnancements to really make your old photographs shine and look beautiful. This does mean a price reduction in some cases! Preserved for the future and look as they actually did when they were taken, sometimes many decades ago. Please go to our pricing and packaging page to find out more just by clicking in the box.

All other prices for Video and Cine transfers will remain the same.


Until next time and again please please get your CHRISTMAS orders in very early! We have had enquiries.

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1st October 2019 – It’s news time once again and this week we touch on something that we have mentioned a few months ago and that is your privacy as a client and customer when you do give us Video to transfer that may conatin things you want to keep private.

Did that know that after family events like Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas and Family Time the next subject that people tend to film is intimacy between each other. Doing the job we do, on occasion we have come across footage of an adult content and very personal to the client. Yes we have been asked to transfer this. If it is not illegal then we can do that for you!

Discretion can be assurred though and we will never reveal what you have filmed or what footage we receive to transfer to anyone else! This is the promise we make to you as the customer. What you do is your business and yes it can be special to you and we always keep that in mind. If this is the kind of footage you want to view again then we are more than happy to make that happen for you.

intimate image

Until next time and again please get your CHRISTMAS orders in very early! We are getting enquiries already.

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24th September 2019 – Our news for this week (the beginning of Autumn) talks about the final product and what you will recieve if you decide to have a Videotape or Cine Film memory preserved onto DVD with Final Cut Video Editing and Photos.

As we mentioned a number of weeks ago we don’t just capture your Videotape or Cine film and burn directly to DVD, we go through quite a long process to get it just right for YOU the customer. We want something you can treasure for many years to come and not just something you can maybe throw in a draw (like a disc with words written on it in felt tip). We give you so much better and something that can have pride and place in your DVD collection. If you decide that you do want a DVD and not a USB!

If it is a DVD you want as your final product then after the process is complete we give you a lovely presentation case with screen grabs taken from your videotape and also some wording so you know exactly what is on the DVD. Our service to you is second to none and always will be. This is an example of what we provide to you as your final product!

Preserved videotape memory on DVD with a case

Until next time and again please get your CHRISTMAS orders in very early!

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17th September 2019 – Our news for this week talks about one of our latest projects that we have been working on and its something that we do but don’t talk that much about! Photo Restoration!

As we have mentioned before the advent of photography the only way to capture memories was by an artist who painted something that he saw or witnessed. When photography became mainstream though in the early part of the last century, millions of images were taken and of course many still exist today although somewhat faded if they haven’t been looked after that well.

Our latest project was to bring back to life a collection of early photographs from the 1930s that had faded and become damaged. This is one of those images.

FAded Black and White Photograph

After lots of careful work and plenty of time spent using sophisticated computer software we managed to bring this dated and crumpled photograph back to life. All ready to be framed and displayed. Preserved for the future!

Restored Black and White Photograph

As we have said Photo Restoration is not easy and it takes a long time to bring images back to life. Don’t leave these lovely memories in a drawer or cupboard to fade away forever. Restore them, bring them back to life, History needs to be preserved!

Until next time and as mentioned last week get your CHRISTMAS orders in very early!

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5th September 2019 – What other services do you offer? Sometimes customers come to us and ask that very question. In this weeks news we have decided to answer just that.

We like to call ourselves ‘Memory Preservationists’ and that is in essence what we really do. Preserve your memories! We bring back to life any material that has been stored on old formats that you can no longer view or hear. These can be stored on a multitude of tapes, films, photographs and audio formats too.

Our website isn’t big enough to have a dedicated page on everything we offer though so we have decided to list as many as we can here. On the visual side we can work with VHS Videotapes, Camcorder formats including 8mm and Mini DV, Std and Super 8mm silent Cine Film, 35mm slides and photographs including restoration, reprints and Bespoke Video Editing.

On the audio front we can transfer vinyl, cassette tapes and reel to reel magnetic tape. 

There are a few other things we do too including mobile phone video transfer to DVD/USB and we can bring back images that may have been deleted from SD cards.

We are called Final Cut Video Editing and Photos but we do a whole lot more!


Get in touch by visting our Contact US page and we will endavour to reply within 24 hours. Until next time.


27th August 2019 – In our news for this week we talk about what you can expect when you become a customer of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos.

Our business is built on the foundation that the most important part of it is ‘YOU’ the customer. Without ‘YOU’ we wouldn’t be anything and neither would really any other business. Some companies though don’t put the customer first and end up losing custom because of it. Poor service and bad reviews for work done is not going to bode well for future business is it!

When anyone hands us a project to work on, we always at first gather all of the information so we know exactly what you want to have done with us. Final Cut being a home based business means we can take the upmost care of your special memories and nothing is sent away and if they need to be we will tell you.

During the course of your project we provide you with regular updates by email, text or phone on how it is progressing and the expected finishing time.

The quote we give you for the work won’t change unless for a reason during the project something changes then we inform you as to the reason why. We want you to be totally satisfied with our work and very happy with the finished project. If you are not then we will endeavour to put it right. This is our promise to you!

Becasue we pride ourselves on excellent customer service we have returning customers as our latest review shows.

Final Cut Video Editing and Photos - Yell.com review

Alfred Hitchcock once said.. The Script, The Script, The Script. We say.. The Customer, The Customer, The Customer.

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20th August 2019 – Last January we were approached by a new client who the previous August had just lost his dog. It was quite old in doggy years. This was not just any dog though! Jake as he was called was fascinated by trains and used to spend so much time on Stafford (UK) railway station just watching them speed through.

He was most fascinated by the Virgin Trains. Perhaps it was the colour or speed of the Virgin Pendelino. He spent so much time on the station that Virgin Trains cottoned onto this and gave ‘Jake’ his very own uniform and name badge. Jake eventually started doing PR work for Virgin. 

Sadly Jake passed away though and we were asked by his owner Neil Mcnamara to create a lasting tribute to him in the form of a photo montage. This was set to music with some images of him dressed in his Virgin uniform and some other professional photos of him too. 

The Virgin Trains Dog 'Jake'

Jake the Virgin Trains Dog

Did you know that we can create a photo montage for you just as we did for Neil. Maybe you have someone celebrating a special wedding anniversary or birthday. Possibly maybe you want it as a tribute to a long lost loved one who has recently passed.

We can bring these images to life you will have something to treasure as a reminder for long time.

Get in touch by visting our Contact US page and we will endavour to reply within 24 hours. Until next time.

13th August 2019 – Our news for this week talks about the process we go through to transfer an E-180 VHS Videotape to DVD.

An E-180 VHS Videotape can hold up to three hours of footage in SP (Standard Play) or six hours in LP (Long Play). If we were to receive a videotape lasting three hours we would at the first step need to capture the footage which would take of course three hours.

The 2nd step would be to import the three hours of material into some top notch editing software (we use Final Cut Pro X). We do this to clean up the material and try to elimate picture noise problems. Videotape was of course meant to be watched on an old CRT TV in the 4:3 format and not widescreen. So during the editing process we would add a slight border to the top and bottom to make it look better on widescreen Tv’s. We also enhance the sound as VHS can be of low quality.

Final Cut Pro X on iMac

After all this has been done and the video has been rendered we then (third step) export the master file ready to be burned to DVD and before doing so, we give it a final check.

At the 4th step we burn this file to DVD and then create a nice presentation case with some artwork on the sleeve tailored to you, which is printed out and only then is the job complete.

A process in all which can take about six hours. A long time. We don’t just capture and burn to DVD. That’s a poor way of doing it.

Everything is done to make sure you have the best possible product and your memory preserved for the future.

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6th August 2019 – In our news for this week we talk about the photographic part of Final Cut.

Did you know that a photograph was one of the very first ways to preserve a memory,  before that artists had to draw and paint what they saw and in doing so preserved an image on a canvas! Without this type of preservation though we might have written history a little differently.

Photography has been around since the mid 19th Century but it wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th that it really became mainstream and readily accessible. I.e Home use. How many of us out there have photographs going back more than 60 or 70 years handed down to us from Parents and Grandparents! Quite a few of us I would think.

Last week recieved a huge amount of 35mm slides (1210 of them to be exact) from a new client in Cheshire (UK). They were part of a collection of over 4000.


After a long time spent sorting through them the customer has chosen her favourites to be digitised. They are part of her family history dating from 1967 to 2011.

It’s going to be a momentous undertaking to digitise them. Fascinating though. We really love working with such wonderful material and the memories!

How many 35mm slides are out there that can no longer be viewed Millions probably!! Think about what they may contain. A beloved long lost relative. We can bring that image back to life for you.

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30th July 2019 – Last week we were contacted by a lady who asked if we could possibly transfer her Wedding Video which was on VHS, she got married in 1987 ( Yes it was almost 32 years old). When I recieved the tape it was in very poor condition and covered in dirt and mould. I think it had been stored in a damp environment sometime in the past!

Dirty Videotape

After a quite a long time spent cleaning up the tape we did manage to transfer it to DVD for her. The majority of the tape was damaged which resulted in about 75% of the recording to be have pretty bad picture noise.

If you do have precious VHS videotapes our advice is to store them in dry conditions and in a sealed plastic container which will prevent any damp from getting in and causing damage. Your precious memories. I.e ‘Wedding Video’ could be lost forever!

You can of course have them digitised onto DVD or USB. They will then be preserved. Videotape does degrade and the longer you leave then worst it can become. Take action before it happens!

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23rd July 2019 – Did you know that a home entertainment format will usually be around for about 30 years. VHS faded away in 2007 after it be came mainstream in the late 1970’s and 80s. This means that DVD might only be around until 2027. It was launched in 1997.

Cine film lasted a very long time though. It began life in 1896 until it’s demise in the early 90s. That almost 100 years and is gradually making a comeback. Yes you can buy Super 8 Cine Cameras once again.


How many reels of Cine Film are still out there though!! Especially 8mm films. Millions probably. Last week we were contacted by a new customer who had a 400ft reel of Super 8 film from the 1970s. He wanted this transferred to DVD with a USB back up as well.

At Final Cut we have been transferring Cine Film since October 2015. It has to be done correctly though and can be painstaking work. It takes time to do it. Wonderful results can be achieved. This does depend sometimes though on the film itself, the camera used and weather on the day of shooting.

You can see a wonderful example of our work by just clicking into the box. This is how it should be done and in the correct 4:3 format. This is how it was orginally filmed. We do it properly,

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16th July 2019 – Phew! What another very busy week for Final Cut Video Editing and Photos. We have finally finished a huge edit on a Wedding Video which was handed to us by a client in the West Midlands (UK)



We don’t often talk about the editing side of our business as we really mostly do Video and Cine transfers to DVD/USB and photo work.

Editing is a big part of our business though. Maybe you have some footage that is far too long like a wedding video that needs a professional touch to bring it alive. We can do this by adding music, montages, transitions, titles and so much more. We can also edit together your mobile phone clips creating a DVD movie. Any type of video footage can be edited to bring it alive.

Something dull can be bought to life!

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9th July 2019 – Final Cut has had a website since we launched our business in August 2015 and it’s job is to keep our clients and customers informed about what we do and our services. Preserving memories is our primary goal and making all of our customers a little bit happier.

Did you also know that we have an advert on Yell.com which the biggest online business directory in the UK. Yell.com is the old Yellow pages.

 Yell advert

Since we went into Yell at the beginning of 2016 our reviews which our customers post about the work we have done for them has grown significantly. We currently have 85 reviews with 80 being five star. There are around 200 business who do the same as us throughout the UK (listed on Yell). No one has more reviews than us. We can safely say that we are the best transfer business in the UK.

 You can check out our Yell.com advert by clicking into the box.

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1st July 2019 – Late last week we were contacted by a lady and her husband who had a collection of nine VHS Videotapes and some camcorder cassettes that had been in storage box for sometime. The tapes did have some writing on them but they weren’t sure what was actually on the tapes.

They did want their family footage to be transferred to DVD but had no way of finding out which tapes had the material they wanted. Video recorders no longer exist, so the tapes could not be viewed. They were really confused!

We are often asked if we can view tapes and cine films before they are converted, so the customer can find out what is on their old formats!

Maybe you are sure that footage of your son/daughter at a school sports day in the 1970’s or 80’s exists on a cine reel or a videotape somewhere but you are not sure where it is. At Final Cut we can view all of your material for a fee and let you know the contents so when you do go ahead with the transfers you will know exactly what you want when we start a project.

No need to be so confused!

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25th June 2019 – Recreational Knife Throwing Part II – Advanced Techinques.

Many people take lots of Video footage of trips to far off places and once in a lifetime holidays (We transfer a lot of this type of material). Sometimes though we do get handed something totally different and I must say fascinating.

Recreational Knife Throwing – Part II 2

It’s not everyday we get asked to transfer footage of a unique kind of hobby and a pretty dangerous one as well.

At Final Cut Video Editing and Photos we can transfer video footage of anything as long as it’s not illegal and if it is something very private to you then the upmost discretion will always be provided. We have seen quite a lot of material that people would want to maybe keep to themselves but still view it from time to time.

We can make that happen. Whether its late at night on your TV or on a computer from a USB. Your memories are yours. We can bring them back to life for you. Not matter what it might be!

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18th June 2019 – No job is too big or small for us at Final Cut Video Editing and Photos.

We sometimes get asked to do something like a simple copy from a DVD as the customer sometimes wants to create a back-up just in case a precious memory becomes damaged or lost. This occurred only yesterday when a lady dropped us in a DVD of a theatre production that her five year old daughter was in. She didn’t want to lose the only copy and have nothing to look back on.

And a few days previously we were handed a collection of 33 videotapes to convert to DVD and USB.

Collection of Videotapes

A very big project which can take sometime to do. We never rush a job so the customer gets something of very good quality and will treasure for many years to come.

We are very busy at the moment but we can still take on new projects. It just might take time to complete it properly.

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11th June 2019 – As we mentioned last week, a new customer whose son got married last September was given a three and a half hour long weddding video which we have been tasked to edit down to a more manageable length.

Weddings are the one memory within our lifetime that always stays in our minds and most people from the mid 1980’s onwards had a Video done of their special day.

We love working on wedding videos and we have transferred hundreds to DVD and USB. This week we have been working on a wedding filmed on a camcorder from 2001, which has been transferred to DVD for the customer. Have a look below at an image from the tape.

Wedding Day Photograph

As we have said on many occassions, Videotape does degrade and the longer you leave it the more degraded the tape can become. Sometimes depending on how it is stored this can be quicker. Would you want the memory of your special day to degrade to such an extent that it is unwatchable! It is best to preserve it before it’s too late. Have it transferred to new media! Don’t let it fade away.

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4th June 2019 – Blimey what a busy few days it has been. We have finished the edit on our new video which now has pride and place on our home page. We thought it was time to be update it as the previous one was a little dated. We hope you enjoy it. A great pleasure to put together! You can view it by going to the home page or just clicking into the box.

In the last few days we have been contacted by two previous clients with more videotapes to transfer onto DVD and we have also recieved a box of fifteen STD 8mm Cine films from a customer in Lancashire which were are currently viewing. They are fascinating. We love working with old material. It going to be very busy during the next few weeks. 

One enquiry we did recieve was from lady whose son got married last September and was given a three and a half hour long Wedding Video which is obviously far to long for family viewing and we have been tasked with cutting it down to a more manageable length with a new photo montage of the special day. We have done this kind of thing before for previous customers.

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28th May 2019 – Last week has definitely been a busy one, we have just completed a shoot for our new home page video. The last one was a little old so we decided it was time for a new one. The edit is almost complete so it will be posted very soon.

We have also taken possession of 8 VHS-C Camcorder tapes from a previous customer. She had a batch of 30 so these ones will be the last ones for the client. More wonderful memories to transfer to DVD.

Enquiries are coming in all the time from all areas of the country for Cine transfers and Editing.

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22nd May 2019 – During the last few weeks we have come into the possession of a 1950’s Ferrograph Reel to Reel Tape recorder that used to belong to the BBC. It is a beautiful peice of history and we shall be using it to transfer these types of audio recordings.

This Ferrograph was sold to us by a retired GP who lives in Lichfield Staffordshire (UK). In the early part of his medical career he did field work in an African Hospital (Botswana) and used reel to reel tapes to record onto and then send back to his family in the UK to tell them about his experiences.

We are currently transferring these tapes onto a USB stick so he can hear them again and relive the past with his family. You can see this machine in action by just clicking into the box.

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