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11th June 2019 – As we mentioned last week, a new customer whose son got married last September was given a three and a half hour long weddding video which we have been tasked to edit down to a more manageable length.

Weddings are the one memory within our lifetime that always stays in our minds and most people from the mid 1980’s onwards had a Video done of their special day.

We love working on wedding videos and we have transferred hundreds to DVD and USB. This week we have been working on a wedding filmed on a camcorder from 2001, which has been transferred to DVD for the customer. Have a look below at an image from the tape.

Wedding Day Photograph

As we have said on many occassions, Videotape does degrade and the longer you leave it the more degraded the tape can become. Sometimes depending on how it is stored this can be quicker. Would you want the memory of your special day to degrade to such an extent that it is unwatchable! It is best to preserve it before it’s too late. Have it transferred to new media! Don’t let it fade away.

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4th June 2019 – Blimey what a busy few days it has been. We have finished the edit on our new video which now has pride and place on our home page. We thought it was time to be update it as the previous one was a little dated. We hope you enjoy it. A great pleasure to put together! You can view it by going to the home page or just clicking into the box.

In the last few days we have been contacted by two previous clients with more videotapes to transfer onto DVD and we have also recieved a box of fifteen STD 8mm Cine films from a customer in Lancashire which were are currently viewing. They are fascinating. We love working with old material. It going to be very busy during the next few weeks. 

One enquiry we did recieve was from lady whose son got married last September and was given a three and a half hour long Wedding Video which is obviously far to long for family viewing and we have been tasked with cutting it down to a more manageable length with a new photo montage of the special day. We have done this kind of thing before for previous customers.

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28th May 2019 – Last week has definitely been a busy one, we have just completed a shoot for our new home page video. The last one was a little old so we decided it was time for a new one. The edit is almost complete so it will be posted very soon.

We have also taken possession of 8 VHS-C Camcorder tapes from a previous customer. She had a batch of 30 so these ones will be the last ones for the client. More wonderful memories to transfer to DVD.

Enquiries are coming in all the time from all areas of the country for Cine transfers and Editing.

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22nd May 2019 – During the last few weeks we have come into the possession of a 1950’s Ferrograph Reel to Reel Tape recorder that used to belong to the BBC. It is a beautiful peice of history and we shall be using it to transfer these types of audio recordings.

This Ferrograph was sold to us by a retired GP who lives in Lichfield Staffordshire (UK). In the early part of his medical career he did field work in an African Hospital (Botswana) and used reel to reel tapes to record onto and then send back to his family in the UK to tell them about his experiences.

We are currently transferring these tapes onto a USB stick so he can hear them again and relive the past with his family. You can see this machine in action by just clicking into the box.

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