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Introducing Us

Hi! I’m Tim Rowlands

Company Owner of Final Cut Video Editing & Photos.

What began as a hobby for me quickly turned into a promising business after my full-time employment came to an end. My journey which led me to becoming a media and entertainment specialist began when I was given my first cine projector as a present at the age of 10. As I grew a little older, I joined what was the ‘Lichfield Cine Society’ where I started to make my own mini movies with a silent cine camera, introducing them into amateur competitions.

In the early 1990’s when video came along I was producing a family film, documentary or drama every three months and was beginning to win certificates and trophies with all of my efforts in international movie festivals. Movie making and the moving image were a passion and I began to believe that one day I might be directing full length motion pictures.

Sometimes though fate has a way of changing things. At the beginning of the new millennium, I got engaged to my future Wife and my interest began to take a little backwards step. More time was now being spent at my full time employment as I was saving for a home and wedding. Less time was spent making my movies. I still had the video equipment and when I did have the opportunity, I would indulge in my hobby once more. My daughter then came along during 2007 and I then began to pick up the Camcorder once again to video the new edition to the family. I missed though what I once enjoyed doing and thought wouldn’t it be great if I could put my talents to good use again.

As a family, we took a holiday to Turkey in 2012 with a new camcorder coming along with us. Upon our return, I decided that I was going to edit the material and make a proper film to enjoy. In fact I enjoyed doing it so much, I began to think that maybe the time was right to look at new beginnings career wise and set up a business editing video footage.

Good research always leads to the correct results and I realised that there was a huge amount of material out there on Videotape and Cine-Film that some clients might just want transferring instead of editing. For example many old VHS Wedding Video’s have already been professionally edited, so I decided that introducing a transfer element to the business might be just want a client might want and need. Still keeping the video editing as a separate part of the business.

As I started to delve deeper, more ideas surfaced. I had sometime ago been interested in photography and the restoration of old photographs. I had in-fact restored and reprinted many photos that my parents had stored away in their loft, that had become faded and  degraded. This was something I could also look at introducing into the business. Photo Restoration!

Final Cut Video Editing & Photos was born.


At Final Cut Video Editing & Photos it is our mission to bring back your memories that you have stored away on various home entertainment formats which you can no longer view. Let us help you bring them into the digital age!

We work from our fully-equipped home studio in Burntwood, which is near the Cathedral City of Lichfield, Staffordshire. Projects are logged using a robust workflow process so clients can be assured that all their precious memories are treated with the upmost care.

At Final Cut Video Editing & Photos we offer a bespoke 5 star service to all of our clients which is backed by our guarantees.
1. Top Quality Client Care
2  Bespoke Service – Tailored to you.
3. Competitive Pricing
4. Great Final Product
5 Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We believe that ‘You‘ are the most important element of our business, which is to provide a top quality service to preserve your precious memories for all time

Tim Rowlands

Tim Rowlands

Company Owner

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Don’t let your memories fade. Preserve them for eternity.

Contact us to see how we can capture your memories for generations to come by converting them to a digital format that is easy to store and share with friends and family.

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