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Tim transferred an old VHS video to DVD for us. Fast turnaround, good quality dvd and most of all saved our memories. All at a reasonable price.

Thank you Tim. Great service!

6th March 2017
Roderick Duggleby

Land agent, Merevale and Blyth Estates

I’m so pleased with my dvd . I had a video tape of my nans 80th birthday which happened 22years ago we have sinced lost my nan and to see her again was magical . It brought back some wonderful memories.

I would recommend Final Cut Video Editing and Photos to everyone . Brilliant service, quick and very affordable . Thanks again for a job very well done

6th March 2017
Sharon Lote


Super service at a reasonable price
So pleased to have found Final Cut. I had many videos and cine films that held very precious memories so tried a few different to places to get different batches converted to dvd. When you trawl through the Internet it’s hard to know who to trust. Tim was very professional and did not charge a fortune like someone else did. He did the best job too. For any future conversions I will definitely go back to him. Thank you Tim

17th February 2017
Julie Shaw


I contacted Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos, after my son gave me a leaflet, telling me all about what Tim could do with old videos etc.
When I was younger, I appeared in Pantomimes, Cinderella, Babes in the Wood etc and my beautiful granddaughter loves to dance and sing and goes to a dance class. I asked Tim if he could put my old videos onto DVD s for my granddaughter to watch her nan singing and dancing!

The results were amazing. Tim enhanced the sound and my granddaughter loved watching me singing and in beautiful dresses.
Thank you very much Tim .

I will highly recommend you to friends and family

17th February 2017
Polly Griffin


Could not find anybody who could transfer 50 year old cine films and old projector slides onto DVD. Heard about Tim from Final Cut Video Editing locally ,discussed what I wanted and he collected the films personally. Nothing but a professional service, the quality was amazing , the music he added was brilliant, and last Saturday we made my 80 year old parents night when we turned up for a family get together and watched the two DVD s . It was a very emotional night and bought back some fantastic memories for my family and I, from my lovely Grandad who passed away over 40 years ago space hopping round our back garden, to our first dog, to me having a mass tantrum and to my Dad having a birthday flight on Concorde.

I would highly recommend this professional service to anyone.

9th February 2017

Caroline Brown


I was looking for someone for over a year to convert my tapes into DVD’s. These tapes were all my childhood and me and my sister growing up so they were very special to me and i was unsure of letting someone else hold my tapes. Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos reassured me and kept in contact with me through the whole process. He really does look after a client.


I wanted to hand my tapes in person to him and he made this possible, everyone else I contacted about the tapes refused a face to face meet, everyone else wanted me to post my tapes!!

Very good price!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have made me and my sister very happy and the memories are flooding back!

6th February 2017

Carrie Harding

Nursery Manager

We had an old cine-film from the early 1960s which Tim put onto DVD for us with a lovely picture of my late father-in-law on the front. When we showed it to my mother-in-law over Christmas she was overwhelmed. It was great to see him again as well as my husband as a young boy.
Tim has also put some shows in which my daughter appeared onto DVD from video-tape which I can’t wait to show her son when he is older.
It’s a great way to keep memories fresh.

19th January 2017

Hazel Hicks

Company Owner, Chem Dry

Over the last few years, I’ve always thought about moving our camcorder video tapes from the 90’s over to a USB stick or DVD. We know these tapes up in the loft were perishing but we also knew that there were some amazing memories up there also. The problem we had was, where do we go and who can we trust?
I was introduced to Tim and I can honestly say that he has put our minds at rest and sorted this problem out for us. Tim is extremely polite and professional and made the task of moving our records and tapes over to USB with no problems.

Will definitely come back and do the rest and highly recommend to anyone who wants their memories saved to contact Tim.

19th January 2017

Tom Rudevics

Corporate Account Manager, Pearl Communications

I am an avid amateur genealogist who was looking for a way to recover some old family photos of my grandparents and great grandparents but couldn’t do it myself. These old family photos mean so much to me that I as devastated when I thought I’d lost them.
Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos was able to recover them in minutes and helped me store others on a CD. He did it quickly and it cost less than I thought it would which was a bonus! I’d highly recommend him to others and will definitely use him again in future.
Thanks Tim!

20th November 2016

Cheryl Rounsaville

University Lecturer

Tim took a bag of 20 old cine films that we got from our loft and were not labelled. He then played them all to see what films should go in what order, he spent time creating a lovely DVD menu so Mom can look at whatever she wants without going through the whole DVD.

He even added soundtrack music to the DVD at no extra cost, and collected / delivered as well.

I feel that Tim owned this project, and he put time, thought and effort into producing the result that he did. For these reasons I would highly recommend Final Cut Video Editing & Photos for this type of project.

16th November 2016

John Marks

Director, Call Handling Stafford

I asked Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos to transfer some old cine film onto DVD and the results were amazing. The quality is fantastic and they have bought back many great memories of my children and family. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you Tim.

14th November 2016

Sue Hawkins


What a wonderful job. Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos took an old and precious TV programme recording on VHS dated 2004 and put it onto a DVD. Presented beautifully. Will certainly recommend to as many people as I can.

Thank you Tim.

14th November 2016

Susan Clark


Thank you for a great job which meant so much to my mum.

Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos converted over 100 slides and some VHS tapes into digital format which we have just watched as a family. Being able to see photos from family trips, weddings and special occasions which had previously been stashed in a box in the loft is priceless.

He provided a high level product, fantastic service and did so in a friendly, professional manner. We were very impressed with the quality of the product and also the speed in which he completed what looked like a vast project.

3rd November 2016

Abi Floyd

Comunity Fundraising Manager at Acorns Children's Hospice, Acorn's Children's Hospice

Two very happy clients….

Excellent service, at very short notice. Thank you Tim for the wonderful job you did on transferring the original cine film of our wedding to a DVD, together with our wedding, ruby wedding albums and a montage of photographs and other memorabilia we had accumulated.

The DVD opened the start of our celebration evening and proved a great success (stirring more than a few memories). We now have something we can browse at our leisure and our children have an MP4 copy too.

It was a quite complicated project for which you were given a very tight time span and we were delighted with the result. Thank you.

25th October 2016

Ian and Margaret Middleton


A very happy client….

I’ve been meaning to get all my old VHS, VHS -C and 8mm videos transferred onto DVD for years but just haven’t got round to it. All those memories fading away as the tapes perish over time. It was a worry I have had over and over again. How much cost do you put on these moments captured in time?

Well my Wife and I decided to do something about it. We tracked Tim down on ‘Yell’ and also saw something on Facebook so we contacted him. Tim replied swiftly and because I had quite a collection of tapes and not knowing what was on what he agreed for me to visit him and watch all the tapes as he made a few notes. I left all these with him for a few weeks.

Tim kept me updated with the progress and eventually he contacted me to say they were ready. My wife and I are really pleased that we have finally ‘saved’ our memories, not just for ourselves but for our adult children, their children and on and on. I would totally recommend Tim ‘Final Cut Video Editing & Photos’

25th October 2016

Richard Nightingale

Former Police Sergeant

One happy client.

Sadly my mom passed away suddenly last November and a huge hole was left, we are all lost without her. I found some old videos that mom had filmed, she was a terrible camera woman but we could just about hear her voice. I found Final Cut Video Editing and Photos on the Internet and chatted with Tim. He was so professional yet sympathetic and patient as I was an emotional wreck. I left him with the videos and some very small old discoloured photos.

Within 2 weeks I was overwhelmed at the editing and hard work, he had produced.

We now have a DVD of Mom, her voice is as clear as if she where talking to us now and the photos are clear and visually reprinted.

Now we have a very special keepsake and when we feel low or missing Mom we can put on the DVD (which also has Moms favorite music playing softly in the background) and see and hear her voice again, this is all down to Tim at Final Cut Video Editing and Photos. I can’t thank him enough and would recommend this company to anyone.

Amazing top quality x

Tracie Painter


Our ancient 45 year old 35mm slides seemed too poor to convert to DVDs, but the resulting DVDs (with music of our choice as background) that were produced within two weeks by Tim at Final Cut Video Editing and Photos were superb.

I would recommend him to anyone.

Clive Thomas Cain CBE

Author of lean construction action-learning books

The service I received was fantastic. I received my DVDs very promptly and cost was more the reasonable. I would fully recommend using Final Cut to anyone wishing to transfer precious memories on VHS to DVD. Thank you Tim Rowlands

Kim Sweetman

Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos did a fantastic job in transferring a not so good quality 8mm cine film of our wedding from 1966 onto DVD for our Golden Wedding Anniversary. He also put on a montage of photos from our album and background music onto the disc. Very pleased with the result. Very professional service at a good price would definitely recommend. Have since ordered more copies for family members..


Barrie Hockley


First class Service, I am over the moon with the wedding video Tim transferred for me. Everything was dealt with professionally and the service was fantastic, I gave Tim the video on a Friday and It was ready for me next Monday, all packaged in a lovely presentation box.

I was so pleased with the DVD I have found out some more Videos for Tim to transfer for me, I have had extra copies done to give to family.

Julie Jones

Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the quality of both the DVD and Memory stick that Tim managed to transfer onto from our 1982 Wedding Video . I am so pleased that as with our marriage, the video with a little TLC from Tim has stood the test of time; it was also delivered just in time for our wedding anniversary earning me lots of brownie points with Mrs N ! 🙂

Would highly recommend Tim’s Services.

Thank You


Graham Nicklin

Web Designer, It'seeze Websites

Thank you Tim for doing such a wonderful job in restoring a precious family photo.

I can not fault your professional manor and would definitely use you and your services in the future and recommend you.


Wendy George

We asked to Tim to initially put some very sentimental cine film onto DVD.

We were so pleased with the DVDs we asked him to covert the rest of the films. This has allowed all of our family to revisit some very special memories and has brought great happiness.

Thoroughly recommend Tim and his work.

Matthew Hales

Indépendant Mortgage Advisor, Integrity Mortgage Solutions

I met Tim a while ago and he explained how Final Cut Video Editing and Photos help people preserve memories! It got me thinking as we had some old Cine films that had been kept in an old envelope for a number of years. We passed them to Tim, who very quickly let us know that there was footage on the Cine reels which was great news.

Within a short period of time Tim transferred the footage onto DVD and presented it back to us – allowing us to view footage that some of our family had never seen before! This has allowed us to share some special memories again as well as picture family members that are no longer with us.
Thank you Tim for helping us enjoy this footage once again.

Dave Purkiss

Company Director, More Than Just Design

Final Cut Video Editing & Photos has recently transferred 140 slide images shot in 1968 to digital media.

The quality of the transfers was excellent and the project completed within the advised timescales. This transfer has allowed my parents to see the images of their USA trip for the first time in many years and brought a few tears to their eyes.

We will be taking more slides to Final Cut Video Editing & Photos as the professional service and value for money provided by Tim is fantastic. ”


Bruce Ridley

Company Director, Call Handling Stafford

I had 5 tapes which were filmed on an old handycam, that I had no way of viewing, containing footage of my daughter as a newborn, and family members we now miss so much.

Tim took all of my tapes and transferred them onto DVD for me in just a week. We had a lovely evening reviewing them all as a family, and it was great to see those memories again. I’m just relieved to finally have the tapes out of the drawer and no longer nagging me every time I see them!

Great service. Thanks Tim


Gayle Edwards

Copywriter, GECopywriter

Thank you Tim and Final Cut Video Editing and Photos for the beautiful prints you produced from slides which belong to my Mum – pictures of her parents etc….. we are all delighted. Thank you also for transferring the old cine film onto a DVD – looking forward to seeing the others! Final Cut looks after a client with very high standards.

Sue Hicks

LHS Consulting

Really Happy!

Tim provided me with expert advice about a transfer from my old VHS cassettes’ to a USB stick.The finished result was excellent, a fast and friendly service. Lovely to see footage from 25 years ago that I had long forgotten!

Highly recommended.

Richard Atkinson

5 Star Service

We have just watched our wedding again, which was transferred from VCR to DVD, as we are about to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Haven’t watched it for years due to having no machine to play it on.

So many happy memories recaptured! Fabulous friendly service from Final Cut Video Editing. Thank you!

Tracy S W Frost

I would just like offer this testimonial and say thank-you SO much for the work Tim Rowlands of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos did on our old video tapes. We became a client because we had  been meaning to get these tapes sorted for years, and I’m so glad we finally got round to it!!

Now you’ve put them onto DVD for us, we’ve been able to watch them for the first time in years – and more importantly, ensure we can continue watching them for many years to come. We had a great night watching the DVD of our wedding, and our once in a lifetime holiday to India to see our friends get married.

The service you offer is fantastic – not just in helping people relive their memories, but in terms of the quality of service you provide to a client.. The job was completed in the timescale you promised, at a very reasonable price – and the fact that our DVD’s came back to us beautifully presented, in nice cases with our personal details on was just the icing on the cake.

Colette Bratton

The Marketing Angel

I asked Tim Rowlands of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos if he could possibly do something with a large collection of VHS-C Videotapes that I had wanted to transfer onto DVD for years.

He took them away, enhanced the images and sound, cut out some poor areas of footage then produced some lovely presentation cases. I got to see my Sister again, (she had passed away) and my Children and Grandchildren when they were youngsters.

The memories were just wonderful; I even ordered a few more copies to send to my Son in the USA. What does Tim is truly unique and I would recommend anyone to use the services of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos and become a client. You will not be disappointed..!!

Mrs Zaphne Stretton MBE

Chairperson, Cannock Chase Council

“Thanks to Tim Rowlands (Final Cut Video Editing and Photos) we now have our wedding video transferred to DVD.Excellent service and final product from Tim, highly recommend you contact him if you have videos that need transferring, or slides, or old camcorder film etc.”

Alison Bradford

Profitability Coach

I approached Timothy Rowlands to find out if he could put together a DVD of old photos for my Brother-in-Law’s 50th Birthday.

Some of the photos were dated, marked and faded but Tim assured me he could enhance them whilst keeping the dated look.

All I can say is WOW!!

The DVD was so wonderful I ordered another one. My Brother-in-Law was overwhelmed when he saw the memories.

I would recommend anyone who has Photographs that may need some enhancements become a client of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos….!!

Melanie Vickers

So Happy I Became a Client of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos

A massive THANK YOU to Tim Rowlands for converting my collection of 25 year old ribbon thingy tapes for me onto dvds!

The dvd sleeves you presented to me were so lovely too, you had made them really personal and that was a lovely touch.

I am so pleased and I know my daughter Laura cant wait to see her baby films! I for one will get to see my dad again and hear his voice which is worth all the money in the world!

I will be sending you another bundle shortly (VHS tapes) to work your magic on.

Mandy Armitt

For 9 years I had intended to transfer & edit my wedding day video footage, but guess what…. I was always too busy to do it. The alternative of hiring a professional company was frankly too expensive. Final Cut Video Editing & Photos did a fairly priced ‘cost effective’ solution that was done with care & attention to detail. Tim Rowlands converted (& edited) our wedding video onto a DVD. We can now relive our happy day with friends & family. The photo stills montage is a real hit and almost worth doing for that alone!

We are relieved to have the ageing video footage converted into a digital format before the video degraded further.

I’m very grateful that this memory has been preserved and happy to recommend Final Cut’s services. We are now looking though some old photographs that they can convert too.

Karl Lehmann

Certified Financial Planner, Lehmann Financial Management

Final Cut Video Editing and Photos edited the DVD of our recent theatrical production. Titles, graphics and music were added to create a more professional product, along with the video itself being clear in both picture and sound.

Emily Appleby

Director, Rugeley Musical Theatre Company

Final Cut transferred a VHS video from 1992 to YouTube for me to share with ex colleagues, which was a hit. (300 views) He also transferred a Hi8 tape to DVD for me with old footage of my son in his first year. The company owner Tim Rowlands kept in touch with me throughout the process and turned around the end product quickly.

I highly recommend Tim Rowlands (Final Cut Video Editing and Photos) and his services.

Ruth Cringle

Virtual Assistant, Admin Elite

I feel that I have to highly recommend the services of Final Cut Video Editing Photos and its Principal Consultant Tim Rowlands.

He went out of his way and spent many hours of his own time converting an old VHS tape I had of my children, despite the fact that the source material was not good.

Tim managed to save the vast amount of it and acknowledged the fact that they were precious memories to be preserved if at all possible.

His charges are more than fair given the time, consideration and effort he puts into a project for a client and I can not thank him enough.

Judith Portman

The before, during and after care I received from this company was above and beyond any customer service I have ever received.
Honest reliable and doesn’t change his prices even if like in my case the video was much longer.
I am so pleased with the finished DVD, its high quality, I cannot fault the service received 10/10

Sarah Hollowood

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