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Fast Professional Service                                                                              13th July 2022 
1989 Videotape put on DVD and USB stick.
Fast service and delighted with the results.
Philip Dews

Professional Outstanding Service                                                              22nd June 2022 
I cannot thank Tim enough for bringing precious memories back to life.

I had a number of VHS tapes, a few which were covered in mould and I thought that my memories were lost.

I told Tim and he inspected and advised the process. He kept continual communication. On return the footage appeared better than how it did originally. I am eternally grateful of Tim’s work.

He is professional and really knows what he is doing. I have more confidence than using high street chain who claim to offer the same service.

I have recommended Tim and will use him again in the future.

Thank you.

Stefanie Reid

Review                                                                                                                  13th June 2022
Professional and friendly service. Price competitive.
I would definitely recommend and will be using this service again.
Ian Henery

Lord of Withersdale, Ian Henery Solicitors Ltd

Great Quality Video Transfer                                                                         6th June 2022
Final Cut was recommended to me and I found the service very professional and a good quality final product.
I would definitely use this company again
Sally Dowling

A Pleasure                                                                                                              16th May 2022
Tim took on the mammoth task of digitizing over a thousand of my printed photographs, that were in loads of albums and taking up a lot of space.
He was efficient in processing them in batches and sending the digitised versions on a usb.
I’m so pleased with the results and the entire process was easy, and a pleasure.
Thanks Tim!
Jayne Hardy

Old memories Relived                                                                                         5th May 2022
We had quite a number of VHS & video cassettes from over 30 years ago which we left with Tim in the hope that he would be able to salvage as many as possible.
We were delighted and amazed when we received our USB sticks with all of our old memories intact as Tim had to sift through them all as most of the cassettes had no dates on.
Tim extremely helpful, professional & courteous and kept us updated throughout the process
We would highly recommend Tim, anyone using his services will know that their precious memories were in good hands.
Thank you so much Tim.
Sean Michaels

Memories – 40 years in the loft!!                                                                    11th April 2022
I have had VHS tapes and cine film, some dating right back to 1982 in my loft for years, unable to view them. They held footage of my parents who have sadly passed away, and also of memorable holidays and even some TV appearances with members of my family.
After searching the internet for someone local, I discovered Tim at Final Cut who, after an initial phone call said he could transfer them to a memory stick for me, even though some were 40 years old. I now have all my tapes and films on 1 memory stick, all individually labelled with the event and dates.

From the start, Tim has been extremely helpful and gave me realistic timescales for the work which was done over 2 visits. All timescales were met and Tim kindly kept me informed of how the work was progressing. I could not have asked for better!

I am now able to view and enjoy family memories whenever I wish to.
Thank you so much Tim. I am very grateful.

Wendy Stringer
Wendy Stringer

Wedding Video                                                                                                    5th April 2022 
We recently found some video tapes that had been stored away for many years, sadly we didn’t have anything to play them on now, we looked at the possibility of having them transferred to a DVD.
That’s where Tim from Final Cut & Video Editing came along, we were concerned about sending the tapes away because of the sentiment of the footage, but with Tim not only was he local, the tapes remained on site with him. Tim advised us to have them put on a USB stick, the process took a few weeks and he phoned the day before to say they were ready, we were so excited.
The final results were wonderful considering the tapes were 30 years old, there were a lot of tears but happy tears seeing family and friends who are no longer with us and what makes it that little bit special it was our wedding video and its our 30th wedding anniversary this year, thank you so much Tim we are thrilled with the final result.
Best wishes Dawn and Phil
Dawn Heart

Unlocked some great Super 8 Memories                                                   27th March 2022
Tim did a first class job of converting a number of Cine-8 and Super-8 films that belonged to my Grandfather and Father dating back from the late 60’s.
I was very unsure exactly what I’d got, so went to see Tim (I live fairly locally) who talked me through what I’d got and assured me he would be able to convert them to digital and perform some tidying up during the conversion where necessary.
He did a trial film first, to show me the end result. Once I’d seen it, I readily gave him to go-ahead to convert the rest. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim for your digital conversion needs.
Alan Wilcox

Unlocked some great Super 8 Memories                                                   27th March 2022
Tim did a first class job of converting a number of Cine-8 and Super-8 films that belonged to my Grandfather and Father dating back from the late 60’s.
I was very unsure exactly what I’d got, so went to see Tim (I live fairly locally) who talked me through what I’d got and assured me he would be able to convert them to digital and perform some tidying up during the conversion where necessary.
He did a trial film first, to show me the end result. Once I’d seen it, I readily gave him to go-ahead to convert the rest. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim for your digital conversion needs.
Alan Wilcox

Great Service if you want film digitising                                                   14th March 2022
Tim converted some super 8 reels for me from the 70s, so that my grandad could relive some old memories.
They came out brilliantly, and he was great with information about what he had done to tweak the images to make them better quality etc.
I would trust him to do more any time.
Daniel Thorley

VHS Tapes 30 years old with Mould                                                          13th March 2022
Our VHS tapes were 30 years old and had mould on them but Tim was not deterred.He has produced excellent reproductions on DVD.
Delighted with the result.
Henry Smith

Outstanding!!!!                                                                                                  4th March 2022
Whilst clearing out my late father’s belongings I came across a VHS tape which had film of family celebrations going back to the early 1970’s. As I no longer have a VHS player I was unable to watch it.
I took the tape to Tim who transferred it to DVD. When I got it back and played it I was overcome with emotion at seeing my late father as a young man as well as other family members. I’ve since returned to Tim for several more copies as more family have watched it and wanted their own!
I have also taken a cinefilm reel, with footage from the 1960’s to Tim to transfer to DVD. This was for my Father-in-law. He didn’t think it would be possible to ever watch it again so he was over the moon to see his late family again.
I would not hesitate to recommend Tim. He is friendly and professional with very competitive prices.
Thank you Tim!
Sarah Hipkin

Perfect Service                                                                                                  16th February 2022
Tim was enormously helpful and efficient, not to mention much cheaper than the high street, in converting our old camcorder tapes to USB.
He accommodated our restricted times for drop off and collection and even helped to fire up a dead device.
Can highly recommend- highly professional, quick, and cheap. Thanks Tim 😁
Ray Fenton

Another Reliable VHS Conversion                                                                9th February 2022
Speedy and reliable service, as has been the case in the past.
My precious video was in safe hands with Tim and it was a delight for the whole family to remember old times caught on VHS.
Thanks Tim.
Maggie Page

A Great Service                                                                                                  7th February 2022
I have to say Final Cut has done an excellent job of transferring my old cine film footage. What is especially impressive is some of the film needed plenty of editing, having been delivered in pieces (not even on a spool), after having been neglected over the years.
Some of the film was badly bent out of shape, but Tim somehow managed to put it all together to create a coherent and enjoyable viewing experience.
He’s very conscientious at his job, reasonably priced considering all the work my film needed, pretty prompt, too, considering, and has excellent communication skills at discussing exactly what best suits the customer, and giving an update as to exactly where he is with the work.
He’s highly recommended.
Edward Twinning

Very Pleased                                                                                                         6th February 2022
Cannot thank Tim enough, gave him a huge amount , and some tapes 30 years old.  
No problem his response and wow the results are just fab.
Richard Winterton

Richard Winterton Auctioneers

Can’t Thank Tim Enough                                                                                 29th January 2022
Tim was definitely the right man for the job. He transfered our 35yrs old VHS tape of our wedding day, onto two DVD discs.
The end result was fantastic, we are so pleased, that we are now able to show other members of the family, who have never seen the video.
Tim was very knowledgeable about the whole process, I will be recommending him to people in the future.
Steve Orme

Brilliant Work Bringing Memories to Life                                             17th January 2022
Tim cleverly turned an old bit of amateur video captured at our wedding into an edited DVD, complete with musical overlay.
It brought back special memories, including footage of loved ones we have since lost.
It made a lovely present to my husband for our 30th wedding anniversary. Thank you so much, Tim.
Ruth Sneddon

Video to DVD and USB                                                                                12th January 2022
Awesome guy very friendly cheap and top class work.
Thanks Tim will deffo be seeing you again.
Christopher Gardiner

Fantastic                                                                                                          4th January 2022
Excellent service. The quality of the videos is fantastic, Tim was professional and provided an extremely fast service.
We were very impressed and will be using him again
Leah Skerrat

5 Star                                                                                                                                        28th December 2021 
Tim was very professional and was able to convert two vhs to dvd format at short notice and had them ready for me to collect before Christmas which I very much appreciated.
It made a great present for my father.
He even transferred the images from the vhs covers to new DVD covers. Thank you so much Tim.
Nicola Machin

Exceptional                                                                                                                           17th December 2021
I had many of my parents old family footage VHS tapes, some of which have not seen the light of day for 25+ years!
I picked a few to trail with Tim and I can say it is 100% worth it! The VHS’s were handled with care, I received all three back as DVD’s with custom titles and images to help identify… Amazing!
I also opted for the extra USB backup which is also excellent quality. No footage was lost.
A huge Thankyou to Tim for helping bring back so many forgotten memories, I’ll be returning with more!
Spencer Aldritt

Outstanding Service and Fantastic Quality DVD                                                       23rd October 2021
I found our 25 year old video tapes of my daughter Rebecca winning Gladiators ‘Train To Win’ in a team with Trevor and Cobra at the NIA Birmingham 1996.
I also knew that my late father was filmed in the crowd, so wanted it to bring back memories for my mother and new members of the family who had not met him, so these videos were very precious. I contacted Tim at Final Cut who was absolutely fantastic, so friendly and knowledgable who told me he could convert the 2 videos to DVD.
I was not sure what the quality of the DVD with the video tapes being
so old but I need not have worried.
Tim put me at ease and rang me back within a week saying that the DVD’s were ready for collection. The quality of the DVD’s were absolutely stunning, so good in fact that I had two copies done a day later to post to Trevor whose family and children had no footage of his great achievement.
Tim is a superstar, a true magician and I have already recommended Final Cut to my friends and family.
Ray Woodford

My Family Memories are now Safe                                                                                 18th October 2021 
Tim recently took on the task of converting a stash of 8mm video cassettes onto a USB for me that were filmed from the 90s onwards, I was getting pretty nervous about them due to their age but it was also getting stressful finding the right person to trust with the tapes themselves considering they were the only copy.

Throughout the initial conversations to the conversion work actual Tim answered all my enquiries promptly and in great detail, everything was professional from start to finish with a fair price and I’m so happy with the outcome. The turnaround was also excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Tim again with any further tapes I dig up that require converting, or recommending him to family/friends if they have any of their own.

Really appreciate everything you have done for us Tim, the smiles this evening alone as we’re working through the now finished footage has been really special and I’m so happy these memories will continue living on for the family.

Ben Jennings

Great Trip Down Memory Lane                                                                                           5th October 2021
Found Tim services via a google search (who local to me can convert VHS videocam tapes to DVD) and I must say I am very pleased I did.
Originally I wanted 19 cassettes converting to DVD but Tim advised me it would be better to put them on a USB stick instead (great call) and although my now 33 year old daughter, my wife and I have been cringing ever since taking the trip down memory lane asking did we really wear that in the 90’s???,
It has been brilliant to relive those times once again. – Thanks Tim, you service from start to finish was spot on! ps. the grandchildren think they are hilarious 🙂
Mark Jebb

Managing Director, Majestic Bingo

Keeping Family Memories                                                                                                   26th September 2021
Very professional. For my mum I wanted to have her wedding cinefilm put on to DVD for her Christmas present last year.
Since then I have also had VHS and camcorder tapes put on to DVD. All lovely memories to be kept for the future.
Tim put still photos on the box cover so at a glance you can see what is on each DVD. Perfect.
Paulette Walker

Excellent!                                                                                                                                 25th September 2021
Excellent service.
Tim transferred a cassette tape I couldn’t even get to play to digital format, and improved the sound, all within a few days.
Lee Mountford

Family History Saved! Highly Recommended                                                                24th September 2021
Tim provided professional and excellent value service, transferring two old family video recordings to USB.
Given the age of the videos he did a great job preserving the quality as well as possible. Done within the original timescale.

We’ll be back if we discover more old videos, etc.
Richard Wilson

Converting Cine to DVD                                                                                                        14th September 2021
I had some Cine film converted to DVD.
I was very pleased with the result and have since used the service again.
Tim is a very personable man, very knowledgeable and helpful.
He kept me updated throughout the whole process and responded to emails in a timely manner.
I would not hesitate to recommend him… fab service 😊
Simone Howells

Professional Friendly Service                                                                                             13th September 2021
I never met my Grandmother, so she has always been ‘just’a photo.
Thanks to Tim’s care, she’s became a living breathing person with an amazing smile and sense of adventure.
Fiona Hargate

Amazing Work! Brilliant DVD Conversion                                                                      13th September 2021
I messaged Tim when my Dad wanted his 25 year old wedding video converted into a DVD for his wedding anniversary for a gift to my Mom.
Replies via email were responded to quickly, and Tim answered all my questions and put me at ease having to put our trust into someone for something that was so precious to us all. The final result of the DVD was brilliant, very professionally presented and the quality of the DVD was great considering the age of the video.
Would definitely recommend Tim to anyone. Oh and a very reasonable price!
Lynsey Mallin

A Wonderful Service                                                                                                                   29th August 2021
Our dear friend died, too young, and this made me start searching for a way to preserve and access our decaying VHS cassettes.
Thankfully I found Tim’s business online and sent him the cassettes to digitise. It was nerve-wracking to part with them but all the correspondence I had with Tim made me feel confident they would be in safe hands.
They were, and affordably, which is not the case with many companies out there. I’ve just received the digital files and Tim has saved our memories – some of the cassettes were in poor condition – which we’ll now be able to share with our friend’s young children in years to come.
Deborah Dean

Efficient, reliable and fantastic quality                                                                               22nd August 2021
Tim was really excellent with handling the home videos I wanted transferred to DVDs and USB.
He was professional and really considerate of time to ensure I received them before my Mum’s birthday.
Tim was fantastic with keeping contact when he began turning them to DVDs and reassured me that the home videos were in safe in his hands and produced great quality DVDs.
Would recommend to anyone!
Natasha Meredith

Excellent Work                                                                                                                              29th July 2021
Tim did exactly what I had asked him to do i.e. transfer VHS to digital, edit and copy cine film to digital.
Efficient and uncomplicated. Many thanks.
Alan Burgess

Cine Film to USB                                                                                                                        25th July 2021
We had some old cine film’s sat in the loft. We decided it would be better to have them transferred to DVD or USB.
I contacted Tim he was very helpful and took on the task of transferring them for us, each week he’d send me little updates with screenshots.

When I collected them I was amazed at how good the quality was.
Thanks to Tim we now have our memories brought back to us.

I must look out my old home video’s and get Tim to transfer them for me too.
Gail Fogg

Excellent                                                                                                                                      25th July 2021
I found Final Cut Video Editing on Google and contacted them about a wedding video recorded on a cam corded that I wanted editing into a video at short notice.
Tim was excellent and understood what I wanted without prompting and went abave and beyond and kept me in the loop throughout. Reasonable costs agreed at the outset.
Would highly recommend.
Christian Clark

Absolutely Fantastic                                                                                                               24th July 2021
I got in touch with Tim to see if he could transfer my wedding videos onto dvd , its our silver Wedding anniversary this year and also sadly we have lost a couple of close family members this year to covid who are on these videos,
Tim is so professional and a pleasure to talk to so I trusted him to do these for me and wow I was not disappointed. Thanks to Tim we had some laughs and tears watching back our memories.
Thankyou so much I would definitely recommend you to anyone and I’ll be back very soon to get more videos transferred of our children that we’ve taken over the years !
Samantha Bolt

Fast Turnaround                                                                                                                      27th June 2021
Tim recently helped to convert four VHS tapes to DVD saving lots of memories from the 90s and early 2000’s.
The service provided was excellent with a very fast turnaround and the communication and updates throughout the process was fantastic. Tim even went the extra mile and created covers using footage from the VHS for the DVD versions.
The quality is excellent and we’ve enjoyed rewatching memories that we thought were lost forever. I would not hestitate to reach out to Tim if I have more VHS’ that need converting in the future.
Thanks again Tim!
Claire Frays

5 Stars                                                                                                                                        15th June 2021
I asked if Tim could transfer 2 VHS to DVD and he was so helpful and efficient!
Communication was quick and easy through email and he gave me all the information I needed.
The tapes were transferred very quickly and he even made specific covers for each dvd, a lovely touch! My nan loved being able to watch the videos again.
Tim was a pleasure to work with and I will definitely be returning.
Laura Foster

Excellent Prompt Service                                                                                                      9th June 2021
I asked Tim to transfer an old video of previous cine film shot in the sixties to a DVD.
Initially worried to hand over the only copy we had, Tim put me at ease, and assured me he would take care of the material. He was quick to respond to my request and the result was a wonderful surprise as he presented it in a lovely cover.
We would trust him in the future and are very grateful that he has given us the opportunity to see my childhood memories come to life. He was delighted to help and very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend his business.
Francesca Turner

Fantastic Service                                                                                                                      7th June 2021
I had a very old 8mm camcorder tape, the contents of which I really wanted preserving.
Final Cut Video Editing advised me as to the best way to digitise my memories, and delivered the final result quickly, efficiently with great communication and value for money.
There were even things at the end of the tape that I had completely forgotten about. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who has old film lying around.
It really is worth it!
David Johnston

Excellent Service                                                                                                                     5th June 2021
A second visit to Tim with more VHS tapes.
Some of the tapes were too badly damaged by mould, but Tim did a great job overall and we can enjoy some precious memories that would have been lost forever had we delayed any longer.
Be assured he will spend the time and do everything possible to save footage.
Can’t thank Tim enough, he seems to have an unyielding degree of patience.
Maxine Taylor

          Excellent                                                                                                                           20th May 2021 
A very friendly service.

Tim has saved some very old family moments that were on a VHS tape.

The now have been transferred onto a DVD for my family members to enjoy watching again.

Would recommend this company to anyone.

Steve Gannon

          Quality Service – Recommended                                                                               18th May 2021
I had a DVD made up of lots of family and friends video clips for our parents 40th anniversary.
Tim was very helpful and friendly.
He also added our parents favourite music in the background which was a lovely extra touch.
I would definitely use him again in the future
Nikki Smith

          Fantastic  Service                                                                                                         4th May 2021
Tim is very professional and took great care of such sentimental family videos.
We will definitely use his services again and would highly recommend.
Elisa Brown

          Excellent  Service                                                                                                         27th April 2021    
I had some vhs tapes transferred to DVD’s and usb for my sons birthday and Tim was a pleasure to deal with in doing this for me.
He is a lovely and thoughtful person who did a perfect job.
Jane Starbrook

           A friendly and Professional Service                                                                     6th April 2021      
I found an almost forgotten VHS tape of a large family gathering from the summer of 1996, recorded somewhere that was special to all of us who were there – many of the people featured are unfortunately no longer with us, or do not have the ability to play a VHS tape to look back on it.

Tim converted it into a professional looking DVD, and had the forethought and care to design a personalised sleeve for the case using stills from the film.

He kept me informed about the progress, which was reassuring, as the rediscovered tape has significant sentimental value.

No doubt I’ll find similar things in the near future, and will know who to go to.

Thank you Tim.

Bernard Hunt

Very Pleased                                                                                                                    27th March 2021 
Good service. I’m very pleased with the ‘cassette tape to cd’ recording of my late father reminiscing about his wartime experiences.
I was worried that the decades old cassette tape might break or be too poor quality to use, but Tim has produced lovely recordings for me to give to family members. Well presented, too.
Karen Russell

Amazing Service and Quality                                                                                     25th March 2021
I wanted to transfer the special videos we had and especially the Coventry City FA cup run videos my husband had ;celebrating the best day of his life!!!)Found Tim when I did a search and so pleased we went to him.
He really cared about what he was doing for me and created some beautiful DVDs (and also putting them on a memory stick too).

He kept me informed of his progress and kept to the timeline I had. I can’t recommend him enough!
Lorraine Horner

Treasured memories bough back to life                                                              18th March 2021
For many years, I have had a number of Video 8 cassettes from one of the first Sony camcorders,sitting in a cupboard that I could not access. I found Tim (Final Cut) online and after speaking with him, dropped these cassettes off to be transferred to DVD and Memory Stick.
I have now received these DVD’s from Tim and they are brilliant. I didn’t think they could be so good as they were over 30 years old. Some very treasured memories brought back to life.
Thank you Tim for a great job.
Robin Burton

Brilliant                                                                                                                      8th March 2021
A brilliant service. Helpful, friendly, quick and great quality.
I have since returned and would very much recommend.
Steven Bidds

Transfer of Cassettes to Memory Stick                                                                19th February 2021
I came across this service through my friend.
I had been wanting to get my camcorder family video’s
transferred onto memory stick but was reluctant to send tapes via the post. Due to Tim living locally he agreed to collect/deliver the cassettes. As promised he delivered all the cassettes along with the memory’s sticks on time.
Tim is friendly, reliable and trustworthy. He offered an exceptional, professional service and was recommend to anyone and certainly use him again
Helen Hawkins

Photograph Restoration                                                                                            18th February 2021
Excellent result from a damaged photograph that I had. I had almost given up being able to display my son’s graduation photograph again after it had got damaged some years previously.
Sent my photo off to Tim which he managed to restore as good as new. Top class service, good communication and reasonably priced.
My photograph was also returned to me very quickly too. Would definitely use again if needed and would recommend.
Maxine Hunt

Fantastic Service                                                                                                        15th February 2021
I would highly recommend final cut to have your precious memories to be brought back to life.

We had our wedding video and honeymoon video put on to a DVD and memory stick and i can honestly say the quality is fantastic theses videos are from 2003 .
Fantastic price ! Fantastic service !
You won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much really really happy
Julie Tolley

Dilligent and Trustworthy Company                                                                 9th February 2021
I have been looking for a reliable company to entrust with family footage that goes back 30 years. Tim straight away made me feel confident in his ability to deliver and we were not disappointed.
A very difficult job as mould had taken up residence on a couple of them. Tim was scrupulous over checking every inch of tape, even though a rogue tape of Inspector Morse had slipped in somehow.
I can’t really put into words the joy of re-living those memories again and will definitely be taking more tapes.

My advice, stop thinking about it and get those tapes to Tim, they won’t last forever.
Maxine Taylor

Excellent Work                                                                                                           8th February 2021
Tim was so helpful.
He contacted me by email to let me know he’d received my VHS tapes through the post and again when he started work.
He then let me know that he’d finished them and contacted me to see if I’d received my DVD’s back in the post.
So professional, polite and the job was completed at a very, very fair price. Really great service – couldn’t fault him. You can definitely trust him with your old family vhs tapes.
Thanks Tim.
Julie Smith

Excellent Customer Service                                                                                  5th February 2021 
First Class service from Final Cut Editing.
Excellent customer service from Tim Rowlands, kept informed every step of the way.
Would highly recommend this firm. Well done from a very satisfied customer, Staffordshire
Julie Riley

Fabulous Service                                                                                                     1st February 2021 
Tim transferred precious memories from a VHS over 30 years old onto a DVD.
I am so happy with it, watched it three time’s already, such a boost in these awful times.
Tim was professional and efficient and I highly recommended his services, great prices too.
Shirley Gibbs

Excellent  Service                                                                                                     27th January 2021
Tim was so helpful.

The DVD’s were produced in the timeframe he quoted.
He kept us informed when he started work on them and even posted them back to me because of COVID restrictions on travel.

I would thoroughly recommend and will be using this service again . Excellent !
Maria Grant

Brilliant Service                                                                                                     18th January 2021 
Really pleased with service I received.
Tim is a lovely guy who sorted out a family video to USB for me. Communication was great and did multiple copies for me for family members.
Would definitely recommend
Nicola Badger

VHS to DVD Recommended                                                                                                     14th January 2021 
Converted some old VHS videos to DVD, good service and quality.
Would definitely use again.
David Tighe

Fantastic Quality                                                                                                     6th January 2021
We had copies from vhs that was 26years old!
We would highly recommend the quality is just amazing and to see all the great memories is even better. We wasn’t expecting to get a proper case with pics from the video on them but they were just perfect.
We will definitely be getting some more done thumbs up from us
Thank you again
Amanda Saunders

Fantastic DVD                                                                                                     5th January 2021
Tim put a video from 1994 on to DVD, the quality and professionalism was amazing.
Great to preserve so many special memories.
Thank you Tim looking forward to using your service again.
Matthew McKinley

 Amazing, Professional, fantastic Service                                                        14th December 2020
I found Tim on google whilst looking for someone to convert my mums old Cinefilms and VHS films as this is all she wanted for Christmas.
We had no idea what was on them but were excited to find out.
Tim was very efficient and replied to my request straight away and I was happy to find out he only worked round the corner from me. Tim was welcoming and I knew straight away he was professional and was going to do a great job. Tim quoted me and got the films back to me very promptly and efficiently.
When I watched the films for the first time I sat and blubbed. This was the first time in over 10 years I had heard my grandparents voices and 3 years since I had heard or seen my Dad on a video. I am overwhelmed and cannot stop watching the films.
My mum is going to absolutely love them and I am so excited to show them to her as she wants to wait until Christmas Day for the surprise. Tim is professional, kind and very effective with what he does, I will definitely use him again.
Thanks Tim x
Olivia Watson

Brilliant – Thank-you Tim                                                                                              9th December 2020
Thank you Tim , from the bottom of my heart , you’ve made me laugh , smile and cry in equal measures by transferring my old video tapes to DVD.
This year has been tough with my wife and nephew passing away, these DVD”s are a reminder of our happy life as it was .
Excellent, friendly service and marvellous quality of the transfers took my breath away .
Once again, thank you, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs help such as you can give .
Ray Bradley


Brilliant – Would recommend him and his Great Work to anyone                      19th November 2020
I would like to thank Tim so much for his very professional help on having two old video’s which we found, of our children in the 80’s put onto DVD.
What memories and the look on our now grown up children, when they watched them it was so much fun and was so well worth doing it.
Tim’s quality of work is brilliant and the time he took to complete the DVD’s was so quick.

Many thanks

Andrew and Penny Thomas
Andrew Thomas

Excellent Service and very personable                                                                     8th November 2020
I couldn’t be more pleased with the service this company have given me. I was nervous of posting my videos to someone I don’t know and have never met.
Tim came to visit us prior to me deciding whether to give my precious videos to anyone to convert. He reassure me they would be looked after and secure and they absolutely were. Tim has collected and converted 30 videos onto memory sticks for us and has also improved the sound quality.
He has constantly kept in touch with us, letting us know at what point he is at, how long it may take and approximately when he might be finished. This has been so comforting as these videos are 12 years of precious memories and to be contacted regularly with updates was helpful as well as very thoughtful.
I can, without hesitation, highly recommend Tim and will be looking forward to asking him to do the same with my DVD’s in the near future. My friend has also now contacted him to do 30 of her videos.
Fantastic job Tim, thank you so very much.
Sarah Balderstone

Brilliant all Round!                                                                                                         29th October 2020
This is the second time I’ve used Final Cut Video as I was so impressed with the service the first time round.
Again, it didn’t disappoint. Another set of brilliant DVD’s from Tim. I cannot express enough how much pleasure these have brought me and my family to look back on.
If you’re thinking about fishing out those old video tapes, do it! You won’t regret it. The service is second to none! Happy I became a client. Thank you so much 😊
Sarah Darrah

Professional Work                                                                                                         26th October 2020
Tim did a great job of transferring VHS to DVD.
I would highly recommend Final Cut for all your Digital needs.
Linda Bevan

Excellent Service and Wonderful Results                                                                21st October 2020
I should have written a review sooner, but my productivity hasn’t been great over the past couple of weeks – I’ve been so busy watching recovered films of my parents (sadly no longer here) and my young children!
What joy these films have brought to us. Having not seen them for many years, it has been really moving – thank you Tim. Our wedding video which you miraculously reclaimed from an old Betamax tape is fabulous – lovely to hear the speeches again, see all of us looking so much younger, and remember those who are no longer with us.
I shall be looking to find other tapes that I know are stored ‘safely’ somewhere, and look forward to them being rescued too. Thoroughly recommend your services.
Lindsay Garner

Excellent High Quality Products                                                                                16th October 2020
Excellent service.
Communicated updates throughout. Excellent quality, prompt service.
Final product beautifully presented.
Would highly recommend and definitely use again.
Victoria Oakley

Outstanding Customer Service                                                                                   11th October 2020
I would highly recommend this firm. The service I received was excellent.
Tim kept me informed throughout the process of transferring my cine films to USB stick. I was really pleased with the end product which was great quality, quick and for the work involved a reasonable cost.
Thank you final cut it’s a 5* review from me. 😀
Julie Riley

Cassette to CD Quickly                                                                                                  5th October 2020
Excellent service and a thoughtful man helping me put the music for my son’s funeral from cassette to CD.
Swift service thanks Tim
Elizabeth Clancy

First Class Service                                                                                                         17th September 2020
First class service from start to finish.
Tim kept me informed on the progress of my dvd transfers regularly. He was extremely professional and courteous.
The DVD’s were great quality and the presentation cases added that extra personal touch. We have had lots of memories brought back to life, an absolute pleasure.
Thank you so much, I’ll be in touch again soon 😊
Sarah Darrah

Outstanding                                                                                                                      15th September 2020
Tim is extremely professional and a delight to deal with.
Did an outstanding job with some complicated editing required.
Would not hesitate to recommend Final Cut
Alison Munroe

Professional, friendly, reassuring and excellent quality!                                7th September 2020
My son was about to turn 30 and sadly, my dad would not be here to sing happy birthday to him with us all, since he’d passed away when my son was 4.
I called Tim to explain I’d got a VHS recording of my dad singing happy birthday to my son on his 1st birthday and although nervous about handing my video over, thought it would be wonderful for my son to hear his granddad’s voice singing to him.

From the first point of contact with Tim, he reassured me that my video was in safe hands. Tim explained the procedure, kept me updated on the progress of the conversion to DVD, and called two days earlier than expected with the completed disc.

Tim did not disappoint. He had listened to my brief, styled the video perfectly and even designed an outer sleeve to case the disc.
The quality of the tape exceeded my expectations.

I have 8 other tapes of my boys when they were little and without hesitation, will be entrusting them with Tim for conversion to DVD/USB.

A superb service. Thank you
Maggie Page

VHS to DVD                                                                                                                        17th August 2020
Tim did an excellent job on a special tape that I hadn’t seen for 18 years.
I am so glad that I found “Final Cut” and would highly recommend the service, quality and price.
George Davies

Camcorder tapes to USB Stick                                                                                     15th August 2020
We had some old camcorder tapes that had been left in a draw for years with no way of viewing them as the camcorder had long gone. We decided to get them transferred to a USB stick.
After some research we found Final Cut,saw the reviews and decided to proceed. Tim was polite, professional and he communicated throughout the process leaving us reassured that our precious footage which we hadn’t seen for years was is safe hands.
Tim has done a fabulous job and it’s been amazing to watch those long forgotten memories of our family bought back to life.
We would highly recommend him.
Jo Hopkins

Excellent Service from Final Cut                                                                                     12th August 2020
Excellent service from Final Cut Video Editing, 2 VHS tapes transferred onto DVD.
Such special memories on video over 30 years old – now great quality DVD’s,
Friendly efficient service, memories of my children and sister who is no longer with us – very precious. Thank you so much.
Will definitely be using this service again.
Gill Hall

Professional Work                                                                                                               12th August 2020
Absolutely brilliant, took a 25yr old vhs for transfer to DVD it had very sentimental value and he managed to have the project done in quick time at a reasonable price.
Great quality, Tim was polite and very professional.
Was very pleased with the work done.
Highly recommended
Carolyn Stokes

Fabulous                                                                                                                                 26th July 2020
Understandably very reluctant to hand over VHS tape being the only copy of a precious event but fears unfounded.
Able to drop the tape off. Tim was very calming and reassuring, explaining the process. Kept up-to-date throughout. Ready well within time stated.
Tim really had eye for the little things, the detail – something I had not taken much notice of as used to looking at it – really so happy.
Definitely use again and recommend to everyone 🙂
Michelle Cresswell

Bringing Precious Memories to Life                                                                                21st July 2020
Tim transferred a lot of tapes for us where we weren’t sure what was on them.
He repaired and worked so hard to bring our families memories back to life. My parents were so happy to see videos of our old dog, and memories of holidays that they had forgotten.
He kept in contact with me all throughout the process. Such an amazing job!
If we find any more tapes they will all go to Tim to repair and transfer for us.
Thank you so much !
Samantha Abnett

Fantastic Service                                                                                                                20th July 2020
I have wanted to transfer these tapes to a DVD format for many years, but was reluctant to part with them, as you hear of so many stories of important sentimental tapes being lost.
Tim immediately reassured me that everything would be fine, I dropped them off directly with him, so no worries relating to postal services.
I was kept updated throughout the process.
The family can now relive all the happy memories.
Without Tim this would no have been possible!
Hence I have recommended him to several friends with a similar dilemma.
Thanks again to Tim’s company for the highly professional service.
Joanne Keeling

Wedding Video                                                                                                                1st July 2020
Tim did a fantastic job of transferring our wedding video to DVD.
Highly recommend. Really fast service
Jo Roberts

Top Work, Great Price                                                                                                    28th June 2020
Had Tim transfer an old VHS tape to DVD, done a brilliant job, would recommend…
Labib Miah

Very Impressed with the excellent service                                                              26th June 2020
Very impressed with the excellent service I received from Tim, communication was very fast, precise and courteous,
I would definitely recommend this business if you have precious family memories which you wish to preserve and transfer onto modern USB .
The VHS videos we had have now been transferred to our computers for all of the family to enjoy. Really wish I had gone through this process sooner!
Sue Stenson

Video Editing                                                                                                                      2nd June 2020
Tim completed a professional editing service for our business video and we are so very pleased with the final result.
Highly recommended
Samantha Smith

Jeweller, Duo Jewellery

Excellent Service and able to see special memories again                                   20th May 2020
Transferred an old video of my Mum and Dads Golden Wedding party to a memory stick so I was able to share it with the family.
It was lovely to see everyone again after nearly 28 years! Brilliant job and great service. Would highly recommend.
Kim Comer

Outstanding Service and High Quality Finished Product                                   18th May 2020
I reached out to Tim for his help converting old camcorder tapes to DVD and USB.
We were so impressed with his prompt service and we are so thankful to have the tapes in a format that we can all watch!
I’m hunting round for more home videos so we can get even more converted with Tim!
Eleanor Appleby

Great Job, Well Done and Resonably Priced                                                          16th April 2020
Many thanks for restoring our old photographs and cine films of varying quality for us.
We are very pleased with the results as we now have records of family history dating back to the 1950`s in a view-able format which would otherwise have been lost to us.
The skillful and sympathetic way you tackled this task is much appreciated. 
Richard Foulkes

Long Lost Memory                                                                                                       16th March 2020
My grandmother died in 1968. My father died in 2011. While going through my father’s belongings I found an old audio tape, that I knew existed, which I believed to have my grandmother’s voice on.
I turned to Tim in the hope that he would be able to transfer the old audio tape onto a CD. Tim was able to do this for me and after 52 years I was able to hear my grandmother’s voice again. Tim was very obliging and understanding.
He is very easy to do business with and his price was extremely reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend him and would be more than happy to use his services again. Thank you, Tim.
Carol Shilcock

Restoring old Photographs                                                                                     5th March 2020
Tim took in from me three Victorian photographs, one of which was badly damaged with creases, staining and other physical defects.
He was able to rescue them to produce good clear images of my ancestors from those original photographs at very reasonable cost to me.
Dr David D.C.B Nokes

Financial Advisor

Excellent Service                                                                                                       18th Ferbruary 2020
I used the services of Tim after finding his company online. He was very professional and friendly.
The tapes he converted were excellent. The sound quality was amazing. I would definitely recommend and shall be using him again. 
Tarah Wilson

1st Class Company                                                                                                       12th February 2020
So glad I found this company. They have saved footage I had from 24 years ago.
I can’t tell you how grateful I was to save these memories. Very fast and courteous service, kept me informed throughout.
I would highly recommend them.
Miranda Talbot

    Highly Recommended                                                                                                        23rd January 2020
Tim at Final Cut Video Editing and Photos went out of his way to copy a 33 year old VHS onto DVD’s for us.
I needed a quick job doing as it was a last minute birthday surprise. I was worried about handing over our precious video which contained footage of relatives who are no longer with us. I needn’t have worried.
The DVD was ready in plenty of time and the quality is brilliant considering the age and state of the old camcorder footage from 1987! I highly recommend.
Bekki Male

    The ‘Best Man’ for the job                                                                                                    4th January 2020
Tim of Final Cut Video Editing & Photos helped me create a DVD of my Mom’s wedding from last year.
It was very important to me that she had something from her special day to look back on, since she currently only has a few photographs.
Tim has an eye for detail and ensures he delivers only the best quality of work and it shows. The DVD looks really good and he put in effort to make it look as high quality as possible.
I gave the DVD as a gift to her and my Stepdad for Christmas and they both loved it, so I can’t thank Tim enough. 🙂

Holly Cadman

    Highly Recommended – Outstanding Service                                                               2nd January 2020
Fantastic service!
I would definately highly recommend Final Cut Video to my friends and family.
Tim was able to bring back to life old camcorder memories i had never seen properly. Tim is extremely professional and kept me updated when receiving them and worked very hard at short notice. A lovely polite trustworthy person.
I was truly amazed at the end result, the dvds show the memories in a beautifully presented and organised way


Sarah Waqua

    Quality Service and Highly Recommended                                                               18th December 2019
I wanted someone who I could trust with transferring some old family film & pics to a modern format. After some looking around, I found Tim at Final Cut, what a great service.

Trusty & Honest: This was important as I was handing over the only copies for transfer.
Informative: Tim kept me informed all along the process.
Fair Prices: The costs were important as there was a lot to transfer.
Quality: The final work was excellent, and the quality was great.

I’m very happy indeed with the final work, thanks Tim, and I would recommend Final Cut to anyone or any company as Tim is a skilled and talented person & has my trust.
I have further media to transfer and will be using Tim for this work.
Thank-you Tim (Final Cut)

Dave Hill

    Highly Recommended                                                                                                     17th December 2019
This is the 2nd time I have used Final Cut Video Editing and Photos.
I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who is looking at having their precious family videos converted to DVD or who wants any type of photo amendments.
Tim is friendly, approachable, professional and very reliable I will definitely use his business again.
Sarah Hollowood

    Excellent Service from a professional                                                                       14th December 2019
We contacted Tim regarding transfering our wedding video from 1988, tapes of our kids 1991 and 1993 and various others to usb, we were concerned as some had been stored in the loft for a good number of years.
We have to say we were amazed of the quality of the footage.
From dropping the tapes off with Tim to collecting our usb’s only took a few days, he is very professional and also very resonable, we would have no problem in recommending him.
Sharon Adams

    Timothy is Fantastic                                                                                                        26th November 2019
Converted our VHS-C tapes to DVD and the quality is absolutely brilliant.
Very professional and friendly service.

5 stars all round and would very highly recommend.

Edward Swannie

    Excellent Service of Converting Family videos                                                       23rd November 2019
I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who is looking at having their precious family videos converted to DVD.
Tim was friendly, approachable and professional and I will definitely use his business again.

Michelle Talbot

  Excellent                                                                                                                                 13th November 2019
I am so pleased with my DVD’s. Tim came to the house to discuss what I wanted. Took them & brought them back all very well presented and a good price.
I would highly recommend Tim and his excellent work.

Shirley Southall

  Memories Bought Back to Life                                                                                        11th November 2019
After finding old camcorder tapes (25 years old) I’ve done nothing but smile watching the DVDs that Tim was able to save.
I’m over the moon with the quality both visually & the sound is like it was only yesterday!!
I would highly recommend using Tim, who is extremely professional & customer focussed.
Thank you Tim!

Nicola Thomas Hands

  Great Service                                                                                                                       5th November 2019
Having over 70 VHS and small camcorder tapes I contacted Tim and he has done an amazing job of transferring them onto USB sticks.
He collected and returned the tapes to my home. A great service.
Thank you Tim.

Ann Whitehouse

  Fantastic Professional Service                                                                                        1st November 2019
We had a large collection of video’s from years ago with all our memories on, we contacted Tim to see if he could help with transfering them onto USB,
Tim was very helpful, he came round to see us and was able to transfer all those memories onto USB. Tim kept in contact with us during the transfer process.
We are delighted with the service Tim provided and would’t hesitate to recommend him.

Neil Evans

  A****************Excellent                                                                                             29th October 2019
Would highly recommend Tim !
He is fantastic at his job he helped me when I needed phone transfer to DVD in a short space of time.
I am really pleased and so grateful A***********
Thankyou so much Tim

Dale Howdle

  Professional, Personable and Excellent Quality                                                      28th October 2019                                                                                        
The title says it all
Tim goes the extra mile to ensure he gives you what you want.
Great bloke who took on a timescale challenge and delivered back exactly what I wanted and more, whilst producing a very professional storybook of video footage mixed with picture and music. highly recommended!
Thanks again Tim all the best Jeff

Jeff Hoyle

UK Managing Director, Expleo Group

  Restoring Memories                                                                                                        19th October 2019
It was a big decision to give precious memories to someone I did not know but I am so pleased with the excellent reproductions of VHS to DVD that Tim has done for me.
I am now able to see holiday and family memories in a very high quality.
He provides a very prompt and excellent service.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Gwyneth Neal


  Old Video to New USB – Great Service                                                                        25th September 2019

I had 4 x 3 hour video tapes from 1996-2000 copied by Final Cut.

The service I received was impeccable.

The tapes were collected, examined and Tim fed back to me within a day to say the tapes were in a good enough condition to copy onto an USB.
It took about a week for him to copy and return the original tapes and the new USB.
It has been lovely to watch all our old footage from 23yrs ago bought to life.
I recommend Final Cut for a great service. 

Susan Pearson

  Precious Memories                                                                                                          11th September 2019
Excellent service.
My family videos were from 1991 – 98 and Tim has done a wonderful job transferring precious memories onto DVD. Considering they’re so old they’re really fab quality and presented in cases with titles and photos taken from the videos, a really lovely touch.
Tim kept me informed throughout and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his business.
Thanks to other reviews I chose to use Final Cut Video Editing and I’m so pleased I did. Thank you Tim.
Debbie Bedworth

  Returning Customer                                                                                                          26th August 2019
I am a returning customer due to the outstanding service, quality of work and fair pricing.
Fully recommend this business
Kim Sweetman

  50 year old 8mm family cine films                                                                                23rd August 2019
I found my dad’s cine 8mm films which was covered in mould, I never thought they would be salvageable, but Timothy worked his magic.
Timothy cleaned them and transferred them on to a DVD & USB. My dad died when I was 18, he was only 53yrs old. To see my dad on the films was so moving more moving than photographs. Family holiday camping, dad in the army and family fun days out.
I can not thank Timothy enough for the memories he has given back to me
Paula Banks

  Fabulous as always                                                                                                           20th August 2019
Excellent service and results as always. Tim is really approachable and the results are always excellent. He’s had to trawl through hours of boring videos to find the gems and has transferred these onto DVD for me. Always professional and friendly – I cannot recommend highly enough.
Louise Storey

Sales Executive , Barratt Homes

Excellent Value and attention to Detail                                                                      16th August 2019
Excellent service and results as always. Tim is really approachable and the results are always excellent. He’s had to trawl through hours of boring videos to find the gems and has transferred these onto DVD for me. Always professional and friendly – I cannot recommend highly enough.
Andrea Baker

Very Damaged, Mouldy 32 year old Wedding Video                                                30th July 2019
I can’t thank Timothy enough for bringing my extremely mouldy, damaged which I thought beyond repair, 32 year old wedding video back to life. Absolutely amazing service and very highly recommended to anyone wanting this type of service.
A very polite, lovely man and also reasonably priced.
Sally Horton

Excellent Service                                                                                          25th July 2019
My first contact with Tim at Final Cut Video was very positive. I left Tim a voicemail message and he telephoned me back by return. My project involved the edit of a wedding DVD that was too lengthy and Tim rose to the challenge! He produced a final cut of the original DVD that went beyond my expectations and he kindly incorporated some additional photographs that resulted in a beautiful record of the wedding.
My impression throughout the project was that Tim is a perfectionist and his priority is the client’s satisfaction. Tim’s fees (for a very challenging project) were in my view very reasonable in light of the time spent. I would highly recommend Tim at Final Cut Video to anyone who requires expert assistance. I have plans to return to Tim with some further projects.
Bridget Croft

A Wonderful and Outstanding Service                                                                                          17th July 2019

I handed Final Cut a large collection of 8mm, VHS and Mini DV Videotapes to transfer to DVD. These were mostly of my holidays in Florida (we did go a lot) and my daughter as a teenager. They also included a party with my Mom and Dad in. They passed away about three years ago. Talk about sobbing!

I could not be more happy with the service from this company. The finished DVD’s were presented beautifully with the upmost care and time taken to produce them. What a really lovely man the company owner is as well. Great customer service as well. I would recommend to anyone who wants their memories preserved for the future.

Karen Boot

Highly Recommended                                                                                                         13th July 2019

Very professional, friendly and great service from Tim.
Transferred my old family cine films and brought back some very happy childhood memories

Megan Massey

VHS to DVD                                                                                                         8th July 2019
Brilliant service, transferred VHS and a 8mm camcorder tape onto DVD and backup USB.
Lee Braine

Very Pleased                                                                                                         1st July 2019
Tim has just transferred twenty six old Cine Films including an old Black and White one going back to 1940!
We are very pleased with the results and his service has been very good.
He was good enough to put them all in order for us after I had viewed them.
David Adams


Wonderful Prints from a mobile phone                                                                      26th May 2019                                                                                                                                                            
I asked Tim of Final Cut Video Editing and Photos to print off a photograph taken at my Wife’s 70th Birthday celebration. The quality was very good and he actually had enhanced and cropped the image to make it look better. Less of the background and more of the family! I was really very pleased indeed. So happy to recommend him to anyone who would like some prints from their mobile phones. He did an excellent job.
Keith Rowlands


Excellent                                                                                                                              13th May 2019
Excellent service, had two Video to DvD transfers done and really pleased with the work Tim has done. The price is extremely reasonable. I would recommend without hesitation if you want some of your precious memories transfered. Thanks very much will be in touch to get my next one done.
Stephanie Ward

Memories bought back to life – Thank-you for an excellent service               3rd April 2019
Excellent service all round communication during project and completed sooner than expected and the quality was brilliant, I would highly recommend.
Carolyne Jenkins

Excellent Service                                                                                                              21st March 2019
Although I have equipment to transfer Video to Digital I could not transfer a video tape that was in NTSC Format. I took the tape to Tim and he has transferred the video to a memory stick for me with excellent results, he was kind enough to deliver the work back to me at my home address. I would have no hesitation in using him again and recommending him to others
Graham Wood

Wonderful Quality – Fantastic Service                                                                         20th March 2019
Yet again a fantastic service from Tim and along with the service the quality of my memories is amazing. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Kathy Marion

Estate Agent, Marion & Co

Outstanding                                                                                                                        12th March 2019
Tim as been outstanding again on another job for me . Never disappoints.
Tim Banks

Techinical Director, Process Heating Services

       Fantastic Service – Very Happy Client                                                                      30th January 2019                                                                                                                                                                                      
Finally got round to having a few VHS tapes and lots of camcorder tapes put on to dvd so we could view our memories. Tim did a wonderful job of them and couldn’t be happier with the results!
Jenny Hinsley

       Top Rating                                                                                                                           2nd January 2019
Totally delighted with Tim’s work from start to finish. He was brilliant to work with and produced really high quality DVDs from very old videos, many of which were mixed up with old tv recordings. I can not recommend him highly enough and will definitely be using again.
Andrea Baker

       Amazing Service – Will be using Tim again                                                          11th December 2018
I cannot recommend Tim at Final Cut Video highly enough! He collected my videos, of which there were several, kept me up to date throughout and delivered them back to me in the timescales he promised. The DVDs were presented beautifully with detail listed on each one. I am so pleased with all my memories ready to watch with my family.
Kathy Marion

Estate Agent, Marion & Co

       Precious Memories Bought Back to Life                                                                 15th November 2018
Tim transferred many hours of footage onto DVD for me. Precious memories of family past and present. I was absolutely delighted with the results of the footage some of which were extremely old! Tim was a delight to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending his work to anyone who wishes to keep these priceless memories alive. Thank you again Tim
Alison Knapper

       Video Editing                                                                                                                 11th November 2018
Great service from start to finish. Tim was very professional. Thanks again Tim.
Jackson Mukwasi


       Beautiful Prints from a mobile phone                                                                      14th October 2018
Standard of work was excellent. The detail and colour of the prints were first class. I wouldn’t have expected them to look so good from a mobile phone. The company owner Timothy bought the prints back instead of me having to collect them. Thanks again for such a great service.
Anthony Shenton


       Very Quick Serice and Promises Kept                                                                      7th October 2018
Very good quick service as promised. Timothy is a very pleasant guy who is easy to speak to and very trustworthy to leave your precious memories with. I would recommend Final Cut Video Editing and Photos and will be using them again in the future.
Jillian Mapp

      Great Service                                                                                                                    29th August 2018
I have used Final Cut Video Editing 3 times now to transfer Cine Films that were 40 years old to DVD. The results are fantastic, matched by Tim’s customer service. He kept me posted with texts and the films were ready when he said they would be, one of which was at very short notice. Good old fashioned customer service and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. The DVD’s were presented in a customised case, all printed with titles matching those he had put on the video. Can’t fault him.
Graham Rees

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