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Cine Film was the first Home Movie format

Would you like to enjoy them all over again on DVD?

Cine Film started to disappear from the home movie market in the late 1980s when Camcorders began to arrive on the High Street. The Cine Camera was quickly replaced. We could now view our moving images almost immediately on our television screens. After a few more years the Camcorder market grew much bigger, helped by the introduction of the TV show ‘You’ve Been Framed’. We decided then to take our Cine Camera’s and Projectors to be recycled, because we had an easier and quicker format.

This has left us with reels of old Cine Films and nothing to play them on!

Memories exist in many formats. Videotape, Photographs, Slides, Negatives and Cine Film.

Film was used to record our family events for decades! Now those old reels have been stored away, never to be viewed again.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

Final Cut Video Editing & Photos works with YOU and your old reels of Cine Film to transfer them onto DVD, Blu Ray or USB, so they can be enjoyed all over again and shared more easily. Preserved for the future.

We can take your old films

A collection of Super 8 films

and transfer them to DVD, so they can be viewed again

An Elmo Cine Film Projector

We can also add titles, transitions, picture enhancements to your new Cine to DVD project and add visual effects. As the majority of this home movie format was filmed in silent, we can bring it alive for you by adding appropriate music relevant to the visuals.

Here is a wonderful example


Don’t let your memories fade. Preserve them for eternity.

Contact us to see how we can capture your memories for generations to come by converting them to a digital format that is easy to store and share with friends and family.

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